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Table of Content
1999 Vol.26 Issue2 ,      10 March 1999
Relationship Between the Familial Nonrandom Chromosome Loss(NCL)and Leukomogenesis
FENG Bao-Zhang;LEI Jian-Ling;SHAO Zong-Hong;JI Lin-Xiang;YANG Chong-Li
 pp.93-98      Abstract   |   PDF 476KB
Construction of Expressing Vector for Phage Display scFv and a Mouse Unspecified Antibody Library
ZHANG Wei-Guo;LIU Xi-Fu;WANG Yong;JIAN Xin;LIN Qing;CHEN Ai;WU Chao-Wei;HUANG Hao-Min;LI Zhi-Hua;ZHANG Yi;HUANG Hua-Liang
 pp.99-106      Abstract   |   PDF 736KB
Molecular Mechansim of Diapause in Bombyx mori 2.Dlapause Determination and Expression Diapause Hormone Gene in Pupal Stage
XU Wei-Hua
 pp.107-111      Abstract   |   PDF 468KB
Aneuploidy Detection by Multi-color Fluorenscence in situ Hybridization in Mouse Sperm
WANG Xu;T Schmid ID Adler
 pp.112-118      Abstract   |   PDF 922KB
Formation of Germline Chimeras from Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
CHEN Wei-Sheng;HAN Rong;SHANG Ke-Gang
 pp.126-134      Abstract   |   PDF 564KB
Genetics and Expression Stability of Exogenous Gene Construct in Transgenic Mice
ZHANG Jing-Pu;LAO Wei-De;ZHANG Xu-Chen;WEI Ying-Yun;LIU Ye
 pp.135-141      Abstract   |   PDF 658KB
Delineation of the Cis-regulatory Sequences of the nodal Gene
Zhou Xun-Lei;Hu Xin-Li;Wu He-Ling
 pp.142-149      Abstract   |   PDF 694KB
Immunolocalization of Actin in Synaptonemal Complexes in Spermatocytes of Mesocricetus auratus
 pp.150-156      Abstract   |   PDF 1511KB
Identification of Oryza sativa×Oryza officinalis F1 and Backcross Progenies Using Genomic in situ Hybridization
YAN Hui-Huang;CHENG Zhu-Kuang;LIU Guo-Qing;CHEN Chun-Xian;MIN Shao-Kai;ZHU Li-Huang
 pp.157-162      Abstract   |   PDF 1222KB
GISH Analysis of Genome Origin of Alien Chromosomes in Thinopyron intermedium-Wheat Partial Amphiploids and Derived Addition Lines
JI Wan-Quan;ZHANG Xue-Yong;R.Wang;R.Petroski;K.C.Armstrong;G.Fedak
 pp.163-167      Abstract   |   PDF 830KB
Studies of Regulation of GUS Transient Expression in Wheat and Rabbit Defensin(NP-1) Transformation
GUO Dian-Jing;FU Rong-Zhao;LI Wen-Bin;CHEN Ying;ZHANG Xiao-Dong;ZHANG Li-Ming;SUN Yong-Ru
 pp.168-173      Abstract   |   PDF 1119KB
Early Maturing Lines Obtained Through Chemical Mutagenesis on Zygote in Cottn and Their RAPD Analysis
SHEN Fa-Fu;YU Yuan-Jie;YIN Cheng-Yi
 pp.174-178      Abstract   |   PDF 460KB
A Study of a Derivative of Tap DNA Polymerase
ZHANG Jie;JI Chao-Neng;DU Han-Sen;ZHENG Zuo-Hua;MAO Yu-Min
 pp.179-185      Abstract   |   PDF 542KB
Comparison of Inbreeding Rates Between Factorial and Nested Mating System
ZHANG Ze;LUO Ze-Wei;LU Cheng;XIANG Zhong-Huai
 pp.119-125      Abstract   |   PDF 264KB
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