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Table of Content
1999 Vol.26 Issue1 ,      10 January 1999
The Sequence Analysis of the 3’ End of Intron 15 from Human LDL Receptor Gene and Its Application in the Study of Gene Diagnosis for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia
ZHOU Tian-Hong;LI Yue-Qin;LIU Fei-Peng;HAI Rong;ZHU Jia-Ming;SHN Hong
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 615KB
Gene Cloning and Expression of Mouse Type I Soluble Interleukin 1 Receptor in Insect Cells
ZHANG Zhi-Ping;LI Yuan
 pp.8-14      Abstract   |   PDF 958KB
A Cis-regulatory Enhancer Element of the nodal Gene is Present in Its First Intron
ZHOU Xun-Lei;WU He-Ling
 pp.15-21      Abstract   |   PDF 610KB
The Expression of Salmon Insulin-like Growth Factor I cDNA in Mirror Carp
LIU Jun-Jian;YUAN Shi-Qu;ZHU Zuo-Yan
 pp.22-27      Abstract   |   PDF 939KB
Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Crucian Carp (Carassus auratus)
 pp.28-36      Abstract   |   PDF 747KB
Identification of Homoeology between the Elytrigia elongatum(2n=14,EE) and Wheat Chromosomes Using Boochemical and Molecular Markers
LIU Shu-Bing;JIA Ji-Zeng;WANG Hong-Gang;KONG Ling-Rang;ZHOU Rong-Hua
 pp.37-42      Abstract   |   PDF 869KB
Isolation of Wheat Chromosomes by Argon-ion Laser Beam
MA You-Zhi;XU Qiong-Fang;XIN Zhi-Yong;LI Lian-Cheng;HE Cong-Fen;QIAN Hong;K. Fukui
 pp.43-48      Abstract   |   PDF 1048KB
In situ Hybridization and RAPD Analyses of Disomic Thinopyrum intermedium Addition Lines in Wheat with Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Resistance
XU Qiong-Fang;MA You-Zhi;XIN Zhi-Yong;CHEN Xiao;LIN Zhi-Shan
 pp.49-53      Abstract   |   PDF 429KB
RAPD Analysis for the Germplasm Resources of Genus Eremopyrum
ZHANG Ji-Yi;DONG Yu-Chen;JIA Ji-Zeng;JIANG Guan-Min
 pp.54-60      Abstract   |   PDF 1014KB
Application of RAPD Analysis in the Study of Phylogenetic Relationship among Maize Inbred Lines
SUN Zhi-Liang;ZHANG Chao-Liang;JIN De-Min;SUN Shi-Mong;GUO Bao-Tai;SUN Ke-Lian;WANG Bin
 pp.61-68      Abstract   |   PDF 581KB
Comparisons of Location Between in situ Hybridization and Cohybridization of Two RFLP Markers in Maize
HANG Chao;SONG Yun-Chun;LIU Li-Hua;DING Yi;TAN Guang-Xuan
 pp.69-75      Abstract   |   PDF 1036KB
Cytological Studies of 2n Gamete Formation in Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris,ssp.pekinensis)
ZHANG Cheng-He;SHEN Shu-Xing;LIU Xue-Min;WANG Yu-Hai;WANG Zi-Xin
 pp.76-80      Abstract   |   PDF 785KB
The Influence of the 20kDa Protein from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.israelensis on the Cytolytic Activity of CytA
LIU Zi-Duo;SUN Ming;CHEN Ya-Hua;YU Zi-Niu;R.Manassherob;E.Ben-Dov;A.Zaritsky
 pp.81-86      Abstract   |   PDF 445KB
Expression of Chimeric Single-Chain Antibody with Specificity for HBsAg in E.coli
PAN Hua;YANG Guan-Zhen;WU Xiang-Fu
 pp.87-91      Abstract   |   PDF 438KB
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