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Table of Content
1998 Vol.25 Issue6 ,      10 November 1998
Splicing and Stability of Intron in the Expression Retroviral Vector with Human Clotting Factor IX
XING Yong-na;LU Da-ru;GAO Xiao-bo;QIU Xin-fang;XUE Jing-lun
 pp.471-477      Abstract   |   PDF 596KB
Studies of Meiotic Origin of the Extra Chromosome 21 in Down Syndromes Detected by Using (GT) n polymorphic DNA markers
SHI Qing-hua;ZHANG Jian-xuan;PAN Shu-juan;ZHANG Xi-ran;CHEN Yi-feng;SHAN Xiang-nian;HUANG Hao-jie;YU Long;ZHAO Shou-yuan;ZHENG Qi-ping;Adler I.-D.
 pp.478-484      Abstract   |   PDF 648KB
Studies of Foreign Gene Integeation During Embryo Early Development
LU Yi-fan;TIAN Chai;DENG Ji-xian XIAO Cheng-zu;MA Qing-jun
 pp.485-490      Abstract   |   PDF 893KB
Targeting of MT-II Gene in Mouse ES Cells
ZHANG Xin-tao;YU Dong-mei;WU He-ling
 pp.491-498      Abstract   |   PDF 1306KB
Origin and Differentiation of Domestic Goose Breeds in China, Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism
SHI Xian-wei;ZENG Fan-tong;QIU Xiang-pin;ZHANG Ya-ping
 pp.499-507      Abstract   |   PDF 847KB
Genetic Mapping of the Rice Telomeric Regions Through PCR
SHEN Li-shuang;ZHU Li-huang
 pp.508-516      Abstract   |   PDF 915KB
Obtaining Transgenic Rice Plants and Their Progenies Using Agrobacterium tumefaciens
YIN Zhong -chao;YANG Fan;XU Yao;LI Bao-jian
 pp.517-524      Abstract   |   PDF 1498KB
Analysis of Rice Mitochondrial DNA of Sporophyte Male Sterility Lines by RAPD
CAI Chen-leng;YANG Zheng;ZHU Ying-guo
 pp.525-530      Abstract   |   PDF 1146KB
Ribosomal DNA Polymorphisms of the Common Wild Rice from China
ZHU Shi-hua;ZHANG Qi-fa;WANG Ming-quan
 pp.531-537      Abstract   |   PDF 581KB
Establishment of Wheat-Agropyron cristatum Alien Addition Lines II. Identification of Alien Chromosomes and Analysis of Development Approaches
LI Li-hui;YANG Xin-ming;ZHOU Rong-hua;LI Xiu-quan;DONG Yu-chen;ZHAO Hua
 pp.538-544      Abstract   |   PDF 1727KB
Isolation of Single Chromosome and DNA Amplification in vitro in Zea mays
HU Zan-min;DNAG Ben-yuan;ZHOU Yi-hua;CUI LI-hua;WANG Lan-lan;ZHANG Tie-han;LI Liang-cai;CHEN Zheng-hua
 pp.545-550      Abstract   |   PDF 743KB
A Chromosomal Integration System for Development of Polyvalent Vaccine Strains
TU Huo-lin;LI Shu-qin;DONG Zi-zheng;ZHANG Zhao-shan
 pp.551-558      Abstract   |   PDF 791KB
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