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Table of Content
1998 Vol.25 Issue4 ,      10 July 1998
Secretory Expression of Salmon Calcitonin in Streptomyces lividans
Hong Bin;LI Yuan;LI Si-ying;JIANG Rong
 pp.287-293      Abstract   |   PDF 564KB
Studies on DNA Damage in Human Blood Lymphocytes Using the Single Cell Microgel Electrophoresis Technique
MENG Zi-qiang;ZHANG Lian-zhen
 pp.294-300      Abstract   |   PDF 1407KB
Expression and Biochemical Characterization of Human G6PD Gene 1376 and 1388 Mutation in G6PD-deficient Escherichia coli
JIANG Wei-ying;DU Chuan-shu
 pp.301-307      Abstract   |   PDF 700KB
A Study of Pachytene Bivalents in Rice-field Eel Using DNase I-hypersensitivity and Restriction Endonuclease-directed in situ Nick Translation
DU Li-ping;YU Qi-xing;ZHOU Rong-jia;ZUI Jian-xun;GUO Yi-qing;ZHAO Ze-chun
 pp.308-314      Abstract   |   PDF 1198KB
A Preliminary Analysis of the SME-1 Cell Lines of S.soldatovi meridionalis at Different Passages by DNA Fingerprinting
LIU Yong;HONG Xi-jin
 pp.315-321      Abstract   |   PDF 1005KB
The Relationship Between Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism and Origin and Differentiation of Native Pig Breeds on China
HUANG Yong-fu;ZHANG Ya-ping;QIU Xiang-pin;ZENG Fan-tong;XIAO Yong-zuo
 pp.322-329      Abstract   |   PDF 647KB
Comparative Studies of the mtDNA from Three Strains of Triploid Carassius auratus and C. auratus auratus
ZHANG Hui;DONG Xin-hong;YE Yu-zhen;WU Qing-jiang
 pp.330-336      Abstract   |   PDF 2455KB
Genetic Analysis and Mapping the Anther Calture Response Genes in Rice (Oryza satica L.)
He Ping;SHEN Li-shuang;LU Chao-fu;CHEN Ying;ZHU Li-huang
 pp.337-344      Abstract   |   PDF 656KB
Mutiple Gene Transformation of Rice Using the Biolistic Method
DAI Shun-hong;LI Liang-cai;DING Yue-yun;HE Si-jie;CAO Shou -yu;TIAN Wen- zhong
 pp.345-350      Abstract   |   PDF 868KB
Transfer of Useful Germplasm from Leymus racemosus Lam. to Common Wheat VII. Development and Identification of A Triticum aestivum-Leymus racemosus Isochromosome Addition Line with Scab Resustance
LIU Wen-xuan;SUN Wen-xian;CHEN Pei-du;LIU Da-jun
 pp.351-355      Abstract   |   PDF 855KB
Temperature Heat Shock Proteins and Ferility Change of Sorghum
CHEN Jian-nan;FU Hong-yi;LU Zi-xian;QIN Huan-ying;QU Jun;QUE Qiang;CAO Shou-yun
 pp.356-361      Abstract   |   PDF 2205KB
Preliminary Analysis of DNA Fingerprinting of Cercosporidium sojinum
LIU Xue-min;LI Li-jun;HUI Dong-wei;ZHANG Ming-hou;CHEN Shou-yi
 pp.362-366      Abstract   |   PDF 412KB
Thermostable Alkaline Phosphatase from Thermus sp. FD3041: Cloning of the Gene and Expression in Escherichia coli
YUAN You-zhong;SHENG Xiao-yu;LU Hong-yan;TONG Shi;MAO Yu-min
 pp.375-380      Abstract   |   PDF 470KB
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