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Table of Content
1998 Vol.25 Issue3 ,      10 May 1998
Polymorohism of HLA-DQA1,-DQB1 Genes in Uygur and Kazak Ethnic Groups and Comprehensive Analysis of 25 Related Populations
ZHANG Xian-ning;LIU Yu-gang;Pazilaiti;LI Dun;LI Xia;HUANG Ren-xin;LI Guo-qiang;ZHU Ding-liang;GENG Zhen-cheng
 pp.193-198      Abstract   |   PDF 1298KB
Distribution of CSF1PO, TPOX and TH01 Loci in Han Chinese
ZOU Lang-ping;YANG Yan;CHU Jia-you;SHEN Bin;LI De-lin
 pp.199-204      Abstract   |   PDF 511KB
Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism and Genetic Diversity in Chinese Yaks
TU Zheng-chao;ZHANG Ya-ping;QIU Huai
 pp.205-212      Abstract   |   PDF 587KB
The Distributional Clines in P Susceptiblity Causing by the P Family Transposable Element in Drosophila melanogaster Population of China
HU Kai;WANG Qiong-mei
 pp.213-224      Abstract   |   PDF 963KB
A Study of the Number of SAT-Chromosome in Rice
CHENG Zhu-kuan;YANG Xue-ming;YU Heng-xiu;GU Ming-hong
 pp.225-231      Abstract   |   PDF 1035KB
Obtaining Insertion Mutants in Magnaporthe grisea by Restriction Enzyme-Mediated Integration of Plasmid
LIU Shu-jun;WEI Rong-xuan;Tsutomu Arice;Isamu Yamaguchi
 pp.232-236      Abstract   |   PDF 1043KB
Studies of Twin-seedling in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) by Synthetic Methods of Embryology and Genetics
Guan He-xin;Cai De-tian;Yao Jia-lin;Ma Ping-fu;Zhu Hong;Xie Guo-sheng
 pp.237-244      Abstract   |   PDF 1259KB
Genetic Analysis on a New sterile Locus Discovered in Hybrids Between indica and japonica Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
ZHU Xu-dong;WANG Jian-lin;QIAN Qian;ZHANG Xia-hui;ZENG Da-li:ZHU Li-huang MIN Shao-kai;XIONG Zhen-min
 pp.245-251      Abstract   |   PDF 582KB
Diversity of Glu-1 , Glu-3 and Gli-1 of 16 Wheat Cultivars Bred in Huanghuai Wheat Growing Region in China
PAN Xing-lai;D.B.Smith;E.A.Jackson;P.Lister;XIE San-gang
 pp.252-258      Abstract   |   PDF 1122KB
Transfer of Useful Germplasm from Leymus racemosus Lam. to Common Wheat VI. Development and Identification of T. aestivum-L. racemosus Telosomic Addition Lines
SUN Wen-xian;CHEN Pei-du;LIU Da-jun
 pp.259-264      Abstract   |   PDF 1357KB
Studies of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Restoration in Sunflower
JI Jing;WANG Ping;HU Han-qiao;YAN Shi;WANG Gang
 pp.265-270      Abstract   |   PDF 579KB
The Physical Loaction of the Maize Genes cdc2 and prh1 by in situ Hybridization
REN Nan;SONG Yun-chun;BI Xue-zhi;DING Yi
 pp.271-277      Abstract   |   PDF 955KB
Effect of Changes of Amino Acids of N-terminal Region of the Mature Protein on Secretion of Mature Protein on Secretion of α-Amylase in B.subtilis
CHEN QI-min:LIU Shu-hong;JI Yong-gang;XUE Zhi-hong;FU Peng;GENG Hai-rong;MA ming;SUN Qing;LIANG Dong;GENG Yun-qi
 pp.278-285      Abstract   |   PDF 628KB
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