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Table of Content
1998 Vol.25 Issue2 ,      10 March 1998
HLA-Cw Genotyping of Serologically and Non-serologically Defined Alleles Using Sequence-specific Primers (PCR-SSP) in a Shanghai Han Population
FENG Ming-liang: ZHANG Yan-zheng: YANG Ying: LU Qiong: FENG Zhe: CHEN Ren-biao
 pp.95-102      Abstract   |   PDF 556KB
Relationship Between the Occurences of AL, MDS and AA and Abnormal RM Proliferation of Patient’s Parents
FENG Bao-zhang:LEI Jian-ling:LIN Ze-xi:SHAO Zong-hong: WANG Qi
 pp.103-111      Abstract   |   PDF 838KB
Population Genetic Variability of Microsatellite Polymorphisms and RAPDs in Chinese Chicken Breeds in Guangdong
ZHANG Xi-quan: LU Xue-mei: YANG Yu-hua: LIU Jing-shun: YANG Guan-fu WU Xian-hua
 pp.112-119      Abstract   |   PDF 708KB
Assignment of the Porcine Myoglobin Gene to Chromosome 5p15 ~ pter by Fluorescent in situ Hybridization
LING Ning: WU Chang-xin
 pp.120-122      Abstract   |   PDF 700KB
Preliminary Studies on Heredity of the PE and the TE Causing Conversions of Plant Fertility in Some Genic Male Sterile Rice
XUE Guang-xing: DENG Jing-yang
 pp.123-130      Abstract   |   PDF 620KB
Distribution of E-and St-Specific RAPD Fragments in Few Genomes of Triticeae
ZHANG Xue-yong;DONG Yu-shen;LI Pei;Richard R-C.Wang
 pp.131-141      Abstract   |   PDF 2225KB
Fluorescence in situ Hybridization to Pachytene Chromosomes and Extended DNA Fibres in Plants
ZHONG Xiao-bo: Paul F Fransz;Jannie Wennekes;Ab van Kammen;J Hans de Jong;Pim Zabel
 pp.142-149      Abstract   |   PDF 1159KB
Transposition Behavior of the Maize Transposable Element Ac in Transgenic Haploid Tobacco
QU Shao-hong;ZHANG Wen-jun;JING Jian-kang;LI Yin-xin;ZHU Zhi-qing HU Han
 pp.150-154      Abstract   |   PDF 935KB
Expression of Erythropoietin Gene in Tomato
HE Zhu-mei: CAO Jun:LI Bao-jian: HUANG Xing-qi
 pp.155-159      Abstract   |   PDF 949KB
Studies of Develpment of Efficient Genetic Transformation System and Factors that Affect Transformation of the Commerical Apple Cultivars
ZHANG Zhi-hong;FANG Hong-jun;JING Shi-xi;WANG Guan-lin;WU Lu-pin; ZHU Zhen
 pp.160-165      Abstract   |   PDF 1285KB
Inheritance of the Short Petiole Trait in Soybeans
ZHAO Tuan-jie: GAI Jun-yi: YOU Ming-an: QIU Jia-xun
 pp.166-172      Abstract   |   PDF 605KB
Genetic Diversity of Mosla hangchouensis and M. chinensis (Labiatae)
ZHOU Shi-liang;ZHANG Fang;WANG Zhong-ren;HONG De-yuan
 pp.173-180      Abstract   |   PDF 737KB
Expression Regulation of Purine Biosynthetic Genes in Salmonella typhimurium VI. Isolation and Characterization of Super-repressor Mutants
TANG Hua: QIN Jun-chuan: WANG Ao-quan
 pp.181-187      Abstract   |   PDF 579KB
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