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Table of Content
1998 Vol.25 Issue1 ,      10 January 1998
Localization of the Gene for 4 Hereditary Multiple Exostoses Families
TANG Yong;XIA Jia-hui;ZHOU Jiang-nan;Li He-jun;WANG Da-ping;DAI He-ping; LONG Zhi-gao;TANG Bei-sha;HUANG Lei;DENG Han-xiang
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 1596KB
The Genetic Analysis of Amplitude of Amplitude of Progestosterone Secretion in Serial Blood Collection from Tail in Min Sows
LIAN Zheng-xing;LI Wu;YANG Yun-qing;ZHAO Gang;SHENG Zhi-lian;HE Yong;GAO Ming;WANG Ya-bo
 pp.8-15      Abstract   |   PDF 660KB
Genetic Relationships of Nyctereutes procyonopides: As Inferred from Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis
CHEN Yong-jiu: ZHANG Ya-ping: QI Jin;LIU Rui-qing
 pp.16-21      Abstract   |   PDF 528KB
Studies on Late Replication Bands of Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) Chromosomes
WANG Ya-jun: WANG Xi-zhong: YANG Yu-hua: QIAN Yong-sheng:CHEN Wen-yuan : WANG Zi-shu : FEI Li-song;CHEN Hong-wei: HE Guang-xin : SONG Yun- fang
 pp.22-27      Abstract   |   PDF 863KB
Px Gene of Rice-field eels Primed in situ Labeling
DU Li -ping: YU Qi-xing: GUO Yi-qing;CUI Jian-xun: ZHOU Rong-jia: CHENG Wei- zhong: BI Guang-yang
 pp.28-33      Abstract   |   PDF 927KB
RAPD-based Analysis for the QTLs Related to Plant Height and Heading Date
LI Chun-li: ZHENG Kang-le
 pp.34-39      Abstract   |   PDF 889KB
RFLP Analysis on Mitochondrial DNA in Common Wild Rice (O.rufipogon Griff.) and Cultivated Rice (O.sativa L)
SUN Chuan-qing : WANG Xiang- kun: Atsushi YOSHIMURA : Nobuo IWATA
 pp.40-45      Abstract   |   PDF 1046KB
Analysis of Genetic Effects and Genotype X Environment Interactions for Milling Quality Traits of Rice
SHI Chun-hai: HE Ci-xin: ZHU Jun
 pp.46-53      Abstract   |   PDF 739KB
The Behavior of Rye Chromosome 6R at Meiosis In Wheat Background
ZHANG Wen-jin: ZHANG Xiao-qin: JING Jian-kang: HU Han
 pp.54-58      Abstract   |   PDF 884KB
Transfer of a Gene to Powdery Mildew Resistance from Triticum araraticum Jakubz to Triticum aestivum L. I. Studies on Cytogentics and Identification of Powery Mildew Resistance in Hybrid Progenies of T. aestivum and T. araraticum
QI Li-li: ZHOU Bo: ZHANG Shou-zhong: CHEN Pei-du: LIU DA-jun: SHENG Bao-qin: XIANG Qi-jun: DUAN Xia-yu: ZHOU Yi-lin
 pp.59-66      Abstract   |   PDF 1470KB
Comparative Studies of mtDNAs from a D2-type Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Wheat Line, Its Maintainer and Restorer Lines
YAO Hong;XIE Wei-wu: LI Chuan-you: WU Yu-wen: ZHANG Yan;WANG Bin
 pp.67-73      Abstract   |   PDF 999KB
Transgenic Oilseed Rape Plants Expressing barstar Gene and bar Gene
PENG Ren-wang;ZHOU Xue-rong: WNAG Jun-ling: FANG Rong-xiang: CHEN Zheng-hua: MANG Ke-qiang
 pp.74-79      Abstract   |   PDF 538KB
Clock Gene Mutant prd-4 Exhibits Incomplete Dominance over wild Type prd-4+
LIU Qiu-yun:J.C.Dunlap
 pp.80-85      Abstract   |   PDF 456KB
Study on the Induction of pco Promoters from Escherichia coli with Copper and Other Metal Ions.
LIU Zhi-pei:Nigel L.Brown
 pp.86-94      Abstract   |   PDF 703KB
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