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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue6 ,      10 November 1997
Polymorphism of Group Specific omponent (Gc) in Nine Han Subpopulations in China
XU Jiujin;TAN Qian;DU Ruofu
 pp.483-491      Abstract   |   PDF 821KB
Novel Mutations Identified in Exon 7 of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Gene in Chinese
SUN Guifeng;JIANG Li;ZHANG Xue;TONG Bingzheng;DONG Guizhang;SUN Kailai
 pp.492-495      Abstract   |   PDF 463KB
A New Karyotype of Drosophila albomicans
 pp.496-500      Abstract   |   PDF 770KB
RAPD Analyses of a Fertile Revertant Induced from a CMS Rice Line
GUAN Zeqiang;SHEN Yuwei;JIANG Lin;WANG Xunming
 pp.501-506      Abstract   |   PDF 964KB
Plant Regeneration and Optimization of Culture System in Direct Culture of Isolated Microspores from Different Genotypes of Barley
GUO Xiangrong;JING Jiankang;HU Han
 pp.507-512      Abstract   |   PDF 1168KB
Generation of Wheat Intra - species Translocation Line Showing High Resistance to Powdery Mildew and Its Chromosome Pattern in C- banding and in situ Hybridization
WEN Yuxiang;WU Haishan;ZHOU Wenjuan;WANG Erming;YU Jing;WEI Rongxuan;XUE Minsheng;SUN Jiazhu;ZHU Weiyun;SHENG Baoqin;XIANG Qijun;DUAN Xiayu
 pp.513-518      Abstract   |   PDF 821KB
Genetic Study of Gene Effects of Rye Genome on Characteristics of Effciently Utilizaing Potential Soil Phosphorus
LIU Jianzhong;LI Bin;LI Jiyun;LI Zhensheng
 pp.519-523      Abstract   |   PDF 526KB
Biochemical and Molecular Marker Analysis of the Chromosome Composition of Powdery Mildew-resistant Wheat
ZHANG Shengwen;WANG Erming;WEI Rongxuan;HU Han;LIANG Yumei;WEN Yuxiang;ZHOU Wenjuan
 pp.524-530      Abstract   |   PDF 689KB
Obtaining Male Sterile Sterile Oilseed Rape by Specific Expression of RNase Gene
ZHOU Xuerong;PENG Renwang;FANG Rongxiang;CHEN Zhenghua;MANG Keqiang
 pp.531-536      Abstract   |   PDF 1033KB
Studies on Alloplasmic Pure Line Derived from Chemically-Induced Parthenogenic Maize Distant Hybrid and Its Breeding
GUO Lequn;GU Mingguang;YANG Taixing;HE Sijie;ZHANG Zhong
 pp.537-543      Abstract   |   PDF 1332KB
Studies on the Autotetraploid of Triarrhena lutarioriparia L.Liou.sp.nov.
HE Lizhen;ZHOU Puhua;LIU Xuanming;CAO Xuejun;CAO Mingde;LIU Yunsheng
 pp.544-549      Abstract   |   PDF 1021KB
Chromosome Aberration in Banana Micropropagation
WANG Zhengxue;LIU Hongxian
 pp.550-560      Abstract   |   PDF 1520KB
Construction of Yeast ADH2-SUC2 Hybrid Promoter and Its Regulation in Gene Expression
LI Wei;LI Yuyang
 pp.561-568      Abstract   |   PDF 765KB
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