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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue5 ,      10 September 1997
Studies on the Phenotypic Differentes of P68 RNA Helicases in Four Cell Lines
WEI Yi;HU Meihao
 pp.387-393      Abstract   |   PDF 945KB
Molecular Evolution of MHC DQA Genes Ⅱ.Phylogenetic Analysis Based on Nucleotide Substitution and SCU Bias
PAN Xinghua;FU Jiliang
 pp.394-402      Abstract   |   PDF 830KB
Molecular Analysis of Spontaneous and Arsenite-induced Mutations at the gpt Locus in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
MENG Ziqiang;Abraham W.Hsie
 pp.403-409      Abstract   |   PDF 754KB
Genetic Divergence of Cordyceps sinensis as Estimated by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis
GHEN Yongjiu;WANG Wen;YANG Yuexiong;SU Bing;ZHANG Yaping;XIONG Luyun;HE Zhaofan;SHU Chuang;YANG Darong
 pp.410-416      Abstract   |   PDF 609KB
A Comparative Chromosome Map beween Human and Hylobates hoolock Built by Chromosome Painting
YU Dinghui;YANG Fengtang;LIU Ruiqing
 pp.417-423      Abstract   |   PDF 1048KB
The Transfer of Brown Planthopper Resistace from Oryza eichingeri to O.satva
YAN Huihuang;XIONG Zhenmin;MIN Shaokai;HU Huiying;ZHANG Zhitao;TIAN Shulan;TANG Shengxiang
 pp.424-431      Abstract   |   PDF 2176KB
Identification of Major Gene and Polgene Mixed Inheritance Model and Estimation of Genetic Parameters of a Quantitative Trait from F2 Progeny
WANG Jiankang;GAI Junyi
 pp.432-440      Abstract   |   PDF 766KB
Breeding and ytological and Molecular Identification of a New Germplasm with Multiple Disease Resistance from Triticum aestivum-Agropyron intermedium
AI SHANJIANG.Abydylla;WEN Yuxiang;TANG Shunxue;LI Yiwen;ZHUANG Jiajun;JIA Xu;LI Hongjie
 pp.441-446      Abstract   |   PDF 952KB
Identification of Wheat-Haynaldia villosa Substitution Lines Conferring Resistance to Powdery Mildew Using Genomic in situ Hybridization(GISH) and RFLP Markers
MA Jianxin;ZHOU Ronghua;JIA Jizeng
 pp.447-452      Abstract   |   PDF 978KB
Creation and Characterization of a Wheat/Rye Small Fragment Chromosome Translocation Line
WANG Erming;WEN Yuxiang;WEI Rongxuan;HU Han
 pp.453-457      Abstract   |   PDF 1228KB
A New Subtype of Potato class I patatin Gene
DAI Weilie;ZHU Yong;ZHAO Shouyuan;WANG Xunming
 pp.458-463      Abstract   |   PDF 559KB
The Effects of Light Quality on the Development of Chloroplast Photosystems and Transcription of psbA Gene of Broomcorn Millet(Panicum miliaceum)
Ma Jianzhong;LOU Shiqing;KUANG Tingyun;LI Jia;TONG Zhe;TANG Peisun
 pp.464-470      Abstract   |   PDF 703KB
Cloning and Expression of Promoter and Signal Peptide Function Fragments from Lactococcus lactis in Escherichia coli
HUAN Liandong;SUN Hanzheng;CHEN Xiuzhu;ZHUANG Zenghui;XUE Yugu
 pp.471-479      Abstract   |   PDF 1424KB
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