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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue4 ,      10 July 1997
Chromosomal Aberrations Induced in Human Spermatozoa by Mytomicin C
HUANG Tianhua;LIU Xongxi;CAI Min;HUANG Jianming
 pp.291-295      Abstract   |   PDF 921KB
Primary and Secondary Structure of 3’ - end of the Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA of Silkworm Attacus ricini and Evolution Implications as Inferred from the Gene Sequence
ZHENG Lei;HE Mingliang;JIN Jiarui;LI Zaiping
 pp.296-304      Abstract   |   PDF 738KB
Effects of SAD on Cytogenetics of Mouse Embryonic Cells and Its Embryo Development
WANG Yonghong;YAN Yongshan;MIAO Yuhua;ZHANG Ting;HE Rongqiao
 pp.305-310      Abstract   |   PDF 1217KB
Study on the Recognition and Evolutionary Genetics of the Courtship Song of Species in Drosophila nasuta Species Subgroup
SHAO Dingliang;LI Dun;ZHANG Xianning;YU Haijing;LI Xia;ZHU Dingliang;ZHOU Yaohua;GENG Zhencheng;
 pp.311-321      Abstract   |   PDF 1456KB
Gametic Selection in a Doubled Haploid Population Derived from Anther Culture of indica/japonica Cross of Rice
CHEN Ying;LU Chaofu;HE Ping;SHEN Lishuang;XU Jichen;XU Yunbi;ZHU Lihuang
 pp.322-329      Abstract   |   PDF 1560KB
Studies on the Inheritance of the Resistance of Rice to Bacterial Leaf Streak and Bacterial Leaf Blight
XU Jianlong;WANG Hanrong;LIN Yizi;XI Yongan
 pp.330-335      Abstract   |   PDF 488KB
A Genetic Study on the Suppression of the Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene Pm8
REN Shuxin;WU Yuwen;R.A. McIntosh;ZHANG Cuilan;LIU Chunguang;P.J. Sharp;T.T.The;ZHANG Yan
 pp.336-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1167KB
Analysis of the Chromosomes Composition of Common Wheat-Agropyron intermedium Partial Amphiploid,Yuan Zhong 2 by in situ hybridization
MA Youzhi;M. Tomita;N.Nakata;Y.Yasumuro;N.Ohmido;K.Fukui
 pp.344-349      Abstract   |   PDF 494KB
Cytogenetic Studies on the Cross between Octoploid Tritileymus and Nullisomic Wheat
FU Jie;XU Xia;YANG Qunhui;CHEN Shuyang;ZHANG Anjing;HOU Wensheng
 pp.350-357      Abstract   |   PDF 1112KB
Preliminary Study of Transferring Engineered Male Sterile Gene into Wheat via Microprojectile Bombardment
FU Rongzhao;CAO Guangcheng;MA Jiangsheng;LI Wenbin;SUN Yongru;CHEN Zhankuan;YI Minglin;ZHI Yubao;LIN Zuoji
 pp.358-361      Abstract   |   PDF 2400KB
Segregation Distortion of RFLP Markers in F2 Population of Cultivated/Semi-Wild Soybean and the Causal Analysis
ZHANG Deshui;CHEN Shouyi;HUI Dongwei;ZHUANG Bingchang
 pp.362-367      Abstract   |   PDF 528KB
Studies on the Sterility of F1 from Gossypium barbadense×G. gossypioides
WANG Zhilong;JIANG Ruqin;HE Jianxing;ZHANG Xinxue;SUN Chuanwei
 pp.368-372      Abstract   |   PDF 1470KB
Meiotic Observations on Intergeneric Hybrids between Brasica napus and Orychophragmus violaceus
LI Zaiyun;WU Jianguo;SHI Shuwen;LIU Houli
 pp.373-379      Abstract   |   PDF 1445KB
Plasmid DNA Fragments from Halobacterium halobium Active as Eubacteria Promoters in Escherichia coli
SUN Guangxiu;JIANG Aimin;SHEN Ping
 pp.380-384      Abstract   |   PDF 487KB
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