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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue3 ,      10 May 1997
Molecular Evolution of MHC DQA Genes I.The Maintenance of Interallelic Divergence and the influence of GC Content on Gene Structure
PAN Xinghua;FU Jiliang
 pp.195-205      Abstract   |   PDF 850KB
Cloning of BRCA1 cDNA and Detection of BRCA1 mRNA Expression in Breast Cancer Cells
ZHOU Tianhong;LI Yueqin;LIU Feipeng;ZHU Jiaming;WANG Ningxia
 pp.206-211      Abstract   |   PDF 1076KB
Cloning and Squencing of Human Thrombopoietin (hTPO) cDNA and it’s Expression in COS-7 Cells
XING Guichun;HU Zhiyuan;GUO Shuhua;QIU Liling;LIU Xiaolan;HE Fuchu
 pp.212-217      Abstract   |   PDF 488KB
Localization of PTH Gene on Pig Chromosome 14q25-q28 by in situ Hybridization
JI Qing;ZHANG Xiran;CHEN Yifeng
 pp.218-222      Abstract   |   PDF 843KB
Genetic Analysis on Methylnitrosourea (MNU) Induced Mouse T-cell Lymphomas
ZHANG Yidu;WANG Yanbi;M.Kaelbling;H.P.Klinger
 pp.223-230      Abstract   |   PDF 668KB
Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Evolution and Phylogenetic Relationships of Gibbons
ZHANG Yaping
 pp.231-237      Abstract   |   PDF 565KB
Studies on Chromosome Cutting of an Agropyron lntermedium Allo-addition Line of Wheat with Laser Microbeam
WANG Lanlan;SONG Guiying;XU Zhengping;LU Zhongkang;LIANG Hong
 pp.238-240      Abstract   |   PDF 1244KB
A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Aegilops crassa 6x Cytoplasm on the Characters of Common Wheat
LIU Chunguang;WU Yuwen;ZHANG Cuilan;REN Shuxin;ZHANG Yan
 pp.241-247      Abstract   |   PDF 1642KB
Identification of Aegilops comosa Substitution Line in Wheat Using RFLP Markers
WENG Yuejin;JIA Jizeng;DONG Yuchen
 pp.248-254      Abstract   |   PDF 1168KB
Methylation Modification of Toxin Gene of Bacillus thuringiensis in Wheat
GUO Liang;WEN Yuxiang;LIANG Yumei;ZHOU Wenjuan;HU Han;SU Hong;WEI Rongxuan
 pp.255-262      Abstract   |   PDF 1012KB
Chromosome Elimination Duplication and Pairing Regulation in Meiosis of the Elymus tsukushiensis×Hordeum bulbosum Intergeneric Hybrid
LU Baorong
 pp.263-270      Abstract   |   PDF 1717KB
Genetic Basis of Fertility Restoration to Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Lines Available in China in Upland Cotton Ⅱ.Interactive Effects Between Restorer Genes and Fertility Enhancer Gene
WANG Xuede;PAN Jiaju
 pp.271-277      Abstract   |   PDF 1333KB
Isolation of Single Chromosomes and Chromosomal Fragments of Lilium regale
HU Zanmin;CUI Lihua;WANG Lanlan;LI Liangcai;CHEN Zhenghua
 pp.278-281      Abstract   |   PDF 745KB
The Genetical Effects of degUS Gene in Bacillus subtilis Ki-2-132
PAN Xuefeng;ZHANG Yinmei;TANG Maohong
 pp.282-288      Abstract   |   PDF 728KB
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