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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue2 ,      10 March 1997
Some YAC Contig Construction and Long Range Physical Mapping at Human X Chromosome Xp11.3~21.3
MIAO Wei min;WEI Yong;DENG Wei;ZHOU Wei;LI Heng jun;CHAI Jianhua;TAN Jiazhen
 pp.99-108      Abstract   |   PDF 2688KB
Genetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships Among Chinese Macacas Based on Protein Electrophoresis
SU Bing;WANG Wen;LAN Hong;ZHANG Yaping
 pp.109-115      Abstract   |   PDF 627KB
Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Evolution and Conservation Relevance of Snub-nosed langurs
ZHANG Yaping;Oliver A. Ryder
 pp.116-121      Abstract   |   PDF 482KB
Salt-Tolerance Rice Mutant Lines Controlled by a Major Effect Gene Were Obtained by Cell Engineering Technique
GUO Yan;CHEN Shaolin;ZHANG Gengyun;CHEN Shouyi
 pp.122-126      Abstract   |   PDF 352KB
Homologous Embryo Lethal Mutant in Rice
LING Dinghou;XU Xinlan;MA Zhenrong;CHEN Wanying;CHEN Meifang
 pp.127-136      Abstract   |   PDF 1638KB
Development of Euplasmic T. aestivum-R. ciliaris Disomic Addition Line Dand Ditelosomic Addition Line tBL
WANG Xiue;CHEN Peidu;LIU Dajun
 pp.137-140      Abstract   |   PDF 981KB
Study on Chromosomal Rearrangement of Wheat(T.aestivum)Chromosome 4A by in situ Hybridization
CHEN Jianmin;Gustafson J P
 pp.141-148      Abstract   |   PDF 1116KB
Discovery of Mechanisms on Homoeologous Chromosome Pairing in Aegilops aucheri and Ae.caudata
YE Xinggou;XU Huijun;DU Lipu
 pp.149-153      Abstract   |   PDF 752KB
Establishment of Wheat-Agropyron cristatum Alien Adition Lines I.Cytology of F3、F2BC1、BC4 and BC3F1Progenies
LI Lihui;LI Xiuquan;LI Pei;DONG Yuchen;ZHAO Guishen
 pp.154-159      Abstract   |   PDF 926KB
Wide Hybridization Between Triticum aestivum and Tripsacum dactyloides
QIU Jiwen;LI Dawei;OUYANG Ping;YAO Qingxiao
 pp.160-164      Abstract   |   PDF 1030KB
The Variation of Endogenous Hormones of Barley Anther in the Process of Low Temperature Pretreatment
XU Wu;LI Ming;ZHANG Jing;FANG Hongman;LI Ansheng
 pp.165-169      Abstract   |   PDF 346KB
Genetic Stability Analyses in Inbre Lines Derived from Distant Hybrid Parthenocarpy with Giemsa C-banding Markers
YAN Chunhong;SONG Yunchun;GU Mingguang;HE Sijie
 pp.170-177      Abstract   |   PDF 1599KB
Study on Transposition Behavior of IS5376 in Bacillus stearothermophilus
XU Ke;MAO Yumin;SHEN Renquan;SHENG Zujia
 pp.178-182      Abstract   |   PDF 408KB
Constuction of an improved System for the Determination of Fidelity of Polymerase in PCR
DU Hansen;XU Mai;JI Chaoneng MAO Yumin
 pp.183-192      Abstract   |   PDF 922KB
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