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Table of Content
1997 Vol.24 Issue1 ,      10 January 1997
Isolation of Band-specific(CA)nMicrosatellites from Human Chromosome 8q24.1
XU Lei;XIA Jiahui;PAN Qian;CAI Tao;DENG Hanxiang
 pp.1-6      Abstract   |   PDF 875KB
The Preparation of Fish Oligonucleotide Fingerprinting Probe
FANG Shengguo;HUANG Min;GHENG Guanqun;DIN Chaowu;LAN Ling
 pp.7-14      Abstract   |   PDF 1084KB
Molecular Phylogeny of the Superfamily Arctoidea
ZHANG Yaping;Oliver A. Ryder
 pp.15-22      Abstract   |   PDF 716KB
An Isotetrasomic of Short Arm of Chromosome 10 in Rice and Its Application to Centromere Mapping
CHENG Zhukuan;YU Hengxiu;YAN Changjie;ZHU Lihuang;GU Minghong
 pp.23-29      Abstract   |   PDF 1459KB
The Production and Cytogenetical Studies of Oryza sativa-Oryza eichingeri Amphiploid
YAN Huihuang;XIONG Zhenmin;MIN Shaokai;HU Huiying;ZHANG Zhitao;TIAN Shulan;FU Qiang
 pp.30-35      Abstract   |   PDF 1388KB
Gene Analysis of Blast Resistance in an indica Variety Zhaiyeqing8(ZYQ8)
LEI Cailin;WANG Jiulin;MAO Shihong;ZHU Lihuang;LING Zhongzhuan
 pp.36-41      Abstract   |   PDF 1413KB
Genetic Variation of Rye Chromosome 1R in Wheat Background
WANG Erming;JING Jiankang;WEN Yuxiang;WEI Rongxuan;HU Han
 pp.42-49      Abstract   |   PDF 957KB
On the Effect of Chinese Lacquer Upon the Cell Division of Root Tip of Allium cepa
XING Hengtai;LIANG Wangfu
 pp.50-53      Abstract   |   PDF 875KB
Salt Tolerance of Transgenic Plants With BADH cDNA
LIU Fenghua;GUO Yan;GU Dongmei;XIAO Gang;CHEN Zheng hua;CHEN Shouyi
 pp.54-58      Abstract   |   PDF 1017KB
Cytogenetic Study of F1 Plants of Capsicum Interspecific Hybrid
WU Heming;ZHAO Hualun;SHE Jianming;DING Liping;CAI Xiaoning;SUN Jiebo;QIAN Zhilong;WANG Shubin;LIU Jinbing
 pp.59-65      Abstract   |   PDF 918KB
mtDNA Heterogeneity of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Maize
WEI Guiwang;ZHENG Yonglian;ZHANG Dehua;LIU Jiling
 pp.66-77      Abstract   |   PDF 1043KB
A Promoter Responsible for Over-expression of Cholera Toxin B Subunit in Cholera Toxin A Subunit Structure Gene
CAO Cheng;SHI Chenghua;LI Ping;MA Qingjun
 pp.78-86      Abstract   |   PDF 923KB
Fine Physical Mapping of Yeast Chromosome V
YANG Zhiyong;ZHU Yiwen;YU Yunhua;KUANG Daren
 pp.87-93      Abstract   |   PDF 1746KB
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