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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue6 ,      10 November 1996
The Cloning and Analysis of a Single Gene in Drosophila Homologic with Human Oncogene TTG
Zhu Tianhui:R.Paro;B.Royer-pokora
 pp.409-418      Abstract   |   PDF 979KB
A Study of the Variation of the (AT)x Ty Motif-530bp 5’ to the β-Globin Gene in the Chinese Population
Zhou Gong: Zeng Fanyi;Chen Meijue;Ren Zhaorui. Huang Shuzhen;Zeng Yitao
 pp.419-424      Abstract   |   PDF 663KB
Studies on Prematurely Condensed Chromosomes and Induced Condensed Chromosomes with SEM
Pan Dao;Liu Lingyun
 pp.425-430      Abstract   |   PDF 1471KB
Investigation on Genetic Background of Leaf Chlorophyll Content Variation in Rice Under Nitrogen Stressed Condition via Molecular Markers
Wu Ping ; Luo Ancheng
 pp.431-438      Abstract   |   PDF 609KB
Identification of QTLs for Lengthes of the Top Internodes and Other Traits in Rice and Analysis of their Genetic Effects
Tan Zhenbo;Shen Lishuang;Kuang Haochi; Lu Chaofu; Chen Ying;Zhou Kaida ; Zhu Lihuang
 pp.439-446      Abstract   |   PDF 633KB
Breeding and Cytogenetic Study of Triticum aestivum-Psath yrostachys huashanica Alien Addition Lines
Chen Shuyang;Hou Wensheng ; Zhang Anjing; Fu Jie;Yuang Qunhui
 pp.447-452      Abstract   |   PDF 951KB
Inactivation of Genes Kr of Wheat in the Crosses with Malize and Tripsacum dactyloides
Li Dawei; Ouyand Ping; Qiu Jiwen;Niu Deshui
 pp.453-459      Abstract   |   PDF 583KB
Phylogeny of Genus Glycine Reconstructed by RAPD Fingerprinting
Hui Dongwei Zhuang Bingchang Chen Shouyi
 pp.460-468      Abstract   |   PDF 604KB
Structure Analysis of a DNA Fragment Containing Strong Promoter Activity from Streptom yces m ycar mycar of aciens 1748
Gu Haidong Wang Yiguang
 pp.469-476      Abstract   |   PDF 614KB
Ribozyme Targeted the Point-Mutation of Activated Oncgene Inhibits Its Expression in vivo
Liu Ge;Chen Yawen;Zhao Xilin;Dong Yuanshu;Chen Defeng
 pp.477-485      Abstract   |   PDF 1260KB
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