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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue5 ,      10 September 1996
Analysis of Apolipoprotein Gene Family in Codon SpaceNon- random Selection of Nucleotide Changes in Evolution
Wang Le Chai Jianhua Tan Jiazhen
 pp.329-337      Abstract   |   PDF 698KB
A Study on Complicated Chromosome Translocation by Fliorescence in siut Hybridization (FISH) of G- banded Chromosomes
Huang Haojie Zhang Xiran Chen Yifeng Cui Yingxia
 pp.338-342      Abstract   |   PDF 828KB
Phylogenetic Relationships Among Six Species of Macaca Inferred from Ribosomal DNA Variations
Wang Wen Su Bing Lan Hong Liu Ruiqing Zhang Yaping
 pp.343-350      Abstract   |   PDF 672KB
Packing of the Chromatin Fibers and the Distribution of RNP in BK Chromosomes
Luo Yi Liu Lingyun
 pp.351-356      Abstract   |   PDF 1617KB
RFLP Mapping of Genes Confering Fertility Restoration of Wild Cytoplasmic- genetic Male Sterility in Rice (Oryza sariva subsp indica)
Li Ping Zhou Kaida Chen Ying He Ping Li Renduan Zhu Lihuang
 pp.357-362      Abstract   |   PDF 494KB
A New Set of Primary Trisomics in indica Rice. Its Breeding and Cytological Investigation
Cheng Zhukuan Li Xin Yu Hengxiu Gu Minghong
 pp.363-371      Abstract   |   PDF 2744KB
Linkage Analysis of RFLP Markers and the Gene for Purple Pericarp of Rice
Zhuang Jieyun Yang Changdeng Qian Huirong Zhao Chengzhang Zheng Kangle
 pp.372-375      Abstract   |   PDF 341KB
Development of Common Wheat Alien Translocation Lines by Tissue Culture
Xu Huijun Xin Zhiyong Liu Sixin Chen Xiao Du Lipu
 pp.376-381      Abstract   |   PDF 788KB
A Ph 1- like Gene in Aegilops cylindrica and the Successful Backcross of Hybrids Between Ae. cylindrica and ph1b Mutant with Wheat
Fan LU Han Jinghua Ye Xingguo Pan Shuting
 pp.382-386      Abstract   |   PDF 514KB
Breeding Theory and Practice of a New Wheat Variety Wanmai17
Zhang Zuofang;Jiang Wenwu;Wang Ziwang;Zhang Chuanhai;Chen Jiuyue
 pp.387-396      Abstract   |   PDF 708KB
Genetic Analysis of a Dwarf Mutant in Cotton
He Jianxing : Sun Zhuan wei: Jiang Ruqin; Wang Zhilong: Zhang Xinxue: Li Aiguo: Li Zengshu: Zhao Guozhong
 pp.397-402      Abstract   |   PDF 1054KB
Study on the Principles of Base Change in 4-fold Degenerate Sites of Protein Coding Genes
Lu Baisong : Huang Peitang
 pp.403-408      Abstract   |   PDF 502KB
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