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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue4 ,      10 July 1996
The Establishment of a Three Dimensional PCR Screening System and Quality Evaluation of Human YAC Libary
Yu Cailin* Zhang Tong Gu Bowei Ye Qing Chen Saijuan Chen Zhu Han Shunsheng Shi Jingmao Yu Long Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.249-254      Abstract   |   PDF 1141KB
Study of Chromosome Painting for One Rare Carrier with Complex Translocation
Fu Junjiang Xia Jiahui Long Zhigao Yang Yi Pan Qian Chen Shengxiang Li Luyun
 pp.255-260      Abstract   |   PDF 1533KB
Studies on Inheritance of Photoperiod Sensitive Genic Male Sterility in Two Doubled Haploid Populations of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Zhang Nengyi Xue Qingzhong
 pp.261-267      Abstract   |   PDF 1124KB
Analysis of G-band Fluctuation and Correspondence of G-banding Patterns to Chromomer Patterns in Barley
Ding Yi Song Yunchun
 pp.268-275      Abstract   |   PDF 1138KB
Diversity and Nonrandon Association of Rice Isozyme Genes
Sun Xinli Cai Hongwei Wang Xiangkun
 pp.276-285      Abstract   |   PDF 1678KB
Genetic Transformation of Indica Rice Using the Biolistic Method
Zheng Honghong Dai Shenhong He Sijie Tian Wenzhong Li Liangcai
 pp.286-292      Abstract   |   PDF 1354KB
Genetic Diversity of Brassica napus Detected with RFLP Markers
Meng Jin ling;A.Sharpe;C.Bowman Tian Zhihong Fu Tingdongg Qian Xiouzhen D.Lydiate
 pp.293-306      Abstract   |   PDF 1902KB
Establishment of Somatic Cell Clones of Chinese Pine
Zheng Junbao Wang Jinmao Du Kejiu Li Liguo Chen Zhenghua Gu Ruisheng
 pp.307-314      Abstract   |   PDF 2326KB
Somaclonal Variations of Intergeneric Hybrids between Brassica napus and Orychophragm us violaceus
Li Zaiyun Liu Houli Wu Jianguo Luo Peng
 pp.315-321      Abstract   |   PDF 1430KB
Expression of S. sonnei form I Antigen Gene and V.cholerae Toxin B Subunit Gene in S. flexneri 2a Strain and Investigation of Their Immunoprotective Response in Mice
Qian Feng Rui Xianliang Su Guofu Huang Cuifen
 pp.322-328      Abstract   |   PDF 2445KB
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