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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue3 ,      10 May 1996
Analysis of the A / C Polymorphic Site within the Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Gene
Huang Shangzhi Li Hui Miao Shirong Xu Luting Fang Bingliang Liu Guoyang Luo Huiyuan
 pp.169-173      Abstract   |   PDF 418KB
Population Genetics of Short Tandem Repeat Locus HUMTH01
Hou Yiping Gou Qing Wu Meiyun Michael Staak Mechihold Prinz
 pp.174-182      Abstract   |   PDF 662KB
Re-analysis of DNA Sequence data from a Dinosaur Egg Fossil Unearthed in Xixia of Henan Province
Wang Huaichun
 pp.183-189      Abstract   |   PDF 506KB
Sequence Analysis of the Cytochrome b Gene Fragment in a Dinosaur Egg
Yin Zhen Chen Hao Wang Ziping Zhang Zhixian Zou Yuping
 pp.190-195      Abstract   |   PDF 469KB
Gametolonal Variation of Microspore Derived Doubled Haploids in Indica Rice Agronomic Performance Isozymes and RFLP Analysis
Chen Ying Lu Chofu Xu Yunbi He Ping Zhu Lihuang
 pp.196-204      Abstract   |   PDF 773KB
Mapping of Major Genes and Minor Genes for Headinf Date in Several Rice Varieties (Oryza sativa L.)
Lin Hongxuan Qian Huirong Xiong Zhenmin Min Shaokai Zheng Kangle
 pp.205-213      Abstract   |   PDF 708KB
Production and Cytogenetics of Tetrageneric Hybrids Involving Triricum Agropyron. Haynaldia and Secale
Sun Shancheng Yuan Wenye Liu Shaoxiang Wang Hui Sun Yu Zhang Meirong Pei Ziyou
 pp.214-219      Abstract   |   PDF 1004KB
Effects of Agropyron intern edium Chromosomes on Regeneration Capacity of Wheat-wheathrass Explants and Chromosome Location of Genes
Fang Hongjun Wang Guanlin He Mengyuan Hao Shui
 pp.220-227      Abstract   |   PDF 1222KB
Fingerpinting Varieties of Foxtail Millet Using Prob gFM31
Wang Zhimin Liu Chunji Wang Runqi M.D.Gale
 pp.228-233      Abstract   |   PDF 813KB
The First Exploration of the Properties and Laws of Mutation Plastids Transmiting with Cell Division
Wang Fuquan Tang Zesheng Wang Zuxiu
 pp.234-242      Abstract   |   PDF 662KB
Studies in Inhibition of Activated Oncogene Expression by Antisense RNA
Yang Qiwei Sun Binggang Chen Yawen Dong Yuanshu Chen Defeng
 pp.243-248      Abstract   |   PDF 1094KB
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