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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue2 ,      10 March 1996
Calculation of Specific Evolution Rate of Prateins Based on Phylogenetic Tress
Lu Baisong Huang Peitang
 pp.85-90      Abstract   |   PDF 488KB
Cloning and Sequencing of VH and VL Genes of an Anti-Human Lung Adenocarcinioma Monoclonal Antibody
Wang Yong Liu Xifu Gu Zheng Xiao Sa Chen Ai Lin Qing Huang Hualiang Wang Dengshun Li Xinyuan
 pp.91-95      Abstract   |   PDF 398KB
Studies on Genetic Relationship Between Red Jungle FowI (Gallus gallus) and Domestic FowI (Gallus dom esticus)
Cheng Guangchao Liu Kunfan Zhang Qi Wang Li Duan Zhangxiong Li Xiaoyan Liu Rushun Yu Qing
 pp.96-104      Abstract   |   PDF 785KB
Linkage Analysis Between Milk Protein Loci and Lactation Trait Loci
Luo Jun Qiu Huai Wang Shuanghe
 pp.105-109      Abstract   |   PDF 387KB
A PCR Marker-based Selection for Resistance to Bacterial Blight in Rice
Lu Chaofu Li Xiaobing Zhu Lihuang Zhang Qi Yang Wencai Zhao Bingxu Wang Chunlian
 pp.110-116      Abstract   |   PDF 535KB
Monhological and Cytogenetical Studies on Intergeneric Hybrid Between Triticum aestivum and Erem opyrum orientale
Liu Jianwen Ding Min
 pp.117-123      Abstract   |   PDF 1362KB
A Study on Distant Hybridization Between Brassica napus and Raphanus sativus var. oleifera and the Formation of Amphidiploids
Xu Liyuan Luo Peng Lan Zequ
 pp.124-130      Abstract   |   PDF 1581KB
Behaviours of Exogenous Plasmids (Genes ) in Peanut rhizobia
Zhu Guangfu Zhou Junchu Chen Hukui
 pp.131-141      Abstract   |   PDF 792KB
Studies on the Cloning Expression and Function of the Yeast PHO 80 Gene
Zhao Youyang Ao Shizhoy
 pp.142-148      Abstract   |   PDF 508KB
The Study of Insertion Sequence IS2 II.Polarity Effect of the Mutant and DNA Sequence Analysis
Huang Zhanjing
 pp.149-157      Abstract   |   PDF 477KB
Molecular Mechanism of Suppressing λN Gene’s Expression in E. coli Ribosomal Protein S12 Streptomycin-dependent Mutant
Jiang Xin Weng Manli
 pp.158-162      Abstract   |   PDF 394KB
Site-directed Mutagenesis of the Gene of Echistatin Leu14-Lys15-Glu16
Li Hongchao Li Xiongbiao Hu Meihao
 pp.163-168      Abstract   |   PDF 470KB
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