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Table of Content
1996 Vol.23 Issue1 ,      10 January 1996
Investigation on VNTR in Intron 40 of vWF Gene in Chinese Han Population
Ni Xingqun Guo Jingyuan Xia Jiahui;Li Luyun
 pp.1-10      Abstract   |   PDF 1225KB
Studies on the Multiple Gene System and Gene Linkage of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Rana chensinensis
Zhang Hui Wu Qingjiang
 pp.11-17      Abstract   |   PDF 926KB
Precise Identification of Alien Chromosome Segment Introduced in Wheat and the Stability of Its Resostance Gene
Liu Dajun QiLili Chen Peidu Zhou Bo Zhang Shouzhong
 pp.18-23      Abstract   |   PDF 871KB
Cytogenetic Studies on the Cross Progenies Between Octoploid Tritile vmus and Triticum aestivum
Fu Jie Chen Shuyang Zhang Anjing Hou Wensheng Yang Qunhui
 pp.24-31      Abstract   |   PDF 1245KB
RAPD Markers for Chromosomes in Langdon Disomic Substitution Lines
Chen Jianli Richanr R-C Wang Xue Xiu zhuang Leonard R. Joppa
 pp.32-39      Abstract   |   PDF 1303KB
Sutdies of Screeing New Germplasms for Disease Resistance by Cell Engineering in Wheat
Guo Lijuan Yao Qingxiao Zhang Chun Kang Shaolan Zhang Hao Huang Wufang
 pp.40-47      Abstract   |   PDF 724KB
Effects of Spaceonditions on the Cytological Characteristics and Isozymes of some Ceral Crops
Li Jingguo Jiang Xingcun Wang Changcheng
 pp.48-55      Abstract   |   PDF 1293KB
Amalytic Methods for Seed Models with Genotype X Environment Interactions
Zhu Jun
 pp.56-68      Abstract   |   PDF 1143KB
PEG-medium Transformation of Orychophrage us violaceus Hypocotyl Protoplast and Regeneration of Transgenic Plants
Zhou Yiming Wei Zhiming Xu Zhihong Liu Shigui Luo Peng
 pp.69-76      Abstract   |   PDF 1092KB
Transgenic Brassica napus Resistant to Turnip Mosaic Virus
Lu Ailan Cheng Zhenghua Kong Lingjie Fang Rongxiang Cun Shouxian Mang Keqiang
 pp.77-83      Abstract   |   PDF 930KB
Peng Renwang Zhou Xuerong Fang Rongxiang Chen Zhenghua Mang Keqiang
 pp.84-84      Abstract   |   PDF 125KB
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