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Table of Content
1995 Vol.22 Issue6 ,      10 November 1995
Studies on the Molecular Evolution of Glucose Transporter Gene Family
Wang Hua;Zhang Zhengxian;Chai Jianhua;Chen Jiawei
 pp.413-423      Abstract   |   PDF 1320KB
Comparison of MIVQUE and REML with Monte Carlo Simulation
Zhang Qin;Zhang Yuan;Liu Zengting;H.Haussmann
 pp.424-430      Abstract   |   PDF 846KB
Identification of Transcription Start Site of Waxy Gene in O.sativa subsp.indica 232
Gao Jiping;Li Yongzhong;WangZongyang;HongMengmin
 pp.431-436      Abstract   |   PDF 872KB
A Single Gene Controlled Fertility-restoring Revertant from Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Rice
Shen Yuwei;Cai Qihua;Gao Mingwei
 pp.437-444      Abstract   |   PDF 1287KB
Relationship Between Cytoplasmic Male Sterility and Nuclear Genome and/or Its Chromosome
Xue Xi;Wang Tongchang;Xu Xiangling;Li Jiling
 pp.445-454      Abstract   |   PDF 1175KB
Cloning,Sequencing and Characterizing Repetitve DNA of Glycine max
Hui Dongwei;Liu Fenghua;Chen Shouyi;Wang Jun;Yan Yongshan;Miao Yuhua
 pp.455-462      Abstract   |   PDF 1528KB
Interspecific Somatic Hybridization inNicotiana
Liu Bao;Xie Hang;He Mengyuan;Xing Miao;Tao Wenjing;Hao Shui
 pp.463-469      Abstract   |   PDF 2598KB
Analysis of Genetic Properties of Meiotic Products from an Interspecific Triplooid Fusion-hybrid Itself Constructed by Protoplast Fusion in Saccharomvces
Li Taosheng;Zhao Xiaoli;Du Ying;Zhi Huijun;Chen Shiyi
 pp.487-493      Abstract   |   PDF 0KB
Studies on Cytogenetics of Xinjiang Wild RapeⅡ.Analysis on Morphological Charracteristics of Chromosomes, Isozymes of Peroxidase,Mitochondrial DNA
Li Xun;Guan Chunyun;Li Shaoqian;Yuan Wuzhou
 pp.470-477      Abstract   |   PDF 349KB
Cloning and Analysis of Prophage PBSX Repressor Gene from Bacillus subtilis
Li Ning;Chen Yongfu;Feng Jidong
 pp.478-486      Abstract   |   PDF 1561KB
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