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Table of Content
1995 Vol.22 Issue5 ,      10 September 1995
Relationship Between the Structure-modified N-and C-Termini and the Biological Activity of TNFa Molecule
Chang Jinli;Li Xin;He Xiaolong;Lu Qun;Yu Hong;Cai Wucheng;Li Changben;Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.329-335      Abstract   |   PDF 1262KB
The Analysis of GPI in Chimeric Mice of ES Cells(MESPU 13)
Wu Baiyan;Xian Meiwei;Shang Kegang;Wu Heling
 pp.336-342      Abstract   |   PDF 1146KB
Graphical Genotype Analysis of Doubled Haploid Lines of Rice Using Molecular Linkage Map
Xu Jichen;Lu Chaofu;Chen Hong;He Ping;Chen Ying;Zhu Lihuang;Xu Yunbi
 pp.343-352      Abstract   |   PDF 1168KB
Construction and Transient Expression of a Chimeric Gene Consisting of 5’Upstream Region of Wx Gene and Coding Region of GUS Gene in Rice Developing Seeds
Ma Hongmei;Zhu Xiaoping;Lou Xiaoming;Chen Li;Zhang Jingliu
 pp.353-360      Abstract   |   PDF 1164KB
Genetic Analysis of Wide-compatibility and Fertility Restoration of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Rice(Oryza sativa L.)
Yan Juqiang;Xue Qingzhong
 pp.361-371      Abstract   |   PDF 1171KB
Analysis of Seed and Maternal Genetic Effects for Nutrient Quality Characters in Hybrids of indica Rice
Shi Chunhai;Zhu Jun
 pp.372-379      Abstract   |   PDF 890KB
Identification of Wheat-Haynaldia villosa Amphiploid,Addition,Substitution and Translocation Lines by in situ Hybridization Using Biotin-labelled Genomic DNA as a Probe
Chen Peidu;Zhou Bo;Qi Lili;Liu Dajun
 pp.380-386      Abstract   |   PDF 1405KB
Chromosome Composition and Resistance to Powdery Mildew of Three Wheat-rye Doubled Haploid Lines
Zhang Xiangqi;Wang Xianping;Jing Jiankang;Li Yan HuHan
 pp.387-393      Abstract   |   PDF 1184KB
Introductionj of Exogenous Genes Into Wheat Using Puncture Technique of Microbeam Laser
Wang Lanlan;Fu Rongzhao;SongGuiying;Zhang Jian;Xu Zhengping;Sun Yongru
 pp.394-399      Abstract   |   PDF 820KB
Comparative Studies on G-banded Karyotypes of the Three Line and F1 Hybrids in Sorghum
He Changrui;Song Yunchun;Liu Lihua
 pp.400-405      Abstract   |   PDF 1318KB
Ploidy Variation of Chemically-Induced Parthenogenic Maize Plants
Gu Mingguang;Yang Taixing;Guo Lequn;Yan Chunhong;Song Yunchun
 pp.406-412      Abstract   |   PDF 1406KB
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