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Table of Content
1995 Vol.22 Issue4 ,      10 July 1995
Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism of the VNTR Locus COL2A1 in Chinese Population
Hou Yiping;Guo Qing;Wu Meiyun
 pp.245-251      Abstract   |   PDF 1055KB
A Survey on Distribution of Red Cell Blood Group Systems in Naxi and Primi Ethnic Groups
Xiao Chunjie;Hao Luping;Zhang Weihong;Tao Yonglian;Zhou Zengdi;Du Ruofu
 pp.252-257      Abstract   |   PDF 605KB
Electrophoretic Analysis of the Protein Patterns of the Nuclear Transplant Rabbit Embryos
Liu Lin;An Min;Zhu Jinbao;Chen Yongfu;Dai Yunping;Sun Tuao;Zhang Zhongcheng
 pp.258-263      Abstract   |   PDF 859KB
Effects of Rht3 Gene and 4B-chromosome with Rht3 on Photosynthetic Carbon-assimilation of Wheat
Zhang Rongxian;Lu Jingjie;Ma Guoying;Wu Yuanying;Fang Min;Zhao Yinhuai
 pp.264-271      Abstract   |   PDF 806KB
The mtDNAs’ RFLP Analysis of Three Types of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Wheat
Li Chuanyou;Xie Weiwu;Sun Lanzhen;Wang Bin
 pp.272-279      Abstract   |   PDF 875KB
Cytological Mechanisms of Self-fertility in Trigeneric Hybrids, Triticum aestivum×Agropyron michnoi×Secale cereale
Li Lihui;Dong Yuchen
 pp.280-285      Abstract   |   PDF 1144KB
DNA Variation in Rice Anther Culture Derived Plants
Li Ping;Zhu Lihuang;Chen Ying;Zhou Kaida;Li Renduan
 pp.286-292      Abstract   |   PDF 742KB
An Observation on Male Fertility Variation of R1 and R2 Generations in Somaclones of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Fan Shuguo;Liang Chengye
 pp.293-301      Abstract   |   PDF 978KB
Cloning and Sequencing of the Pea Lectin Gene
Liu Chunming;Yu Zhanyang;Zhu Zhen;Zhou Zhaolan;Xiao Guifang;Li Xianghui
 pp.302-306      Abstract   |   PDF 709KB
Embryogenesis of Isolated Microspores of Brassica napus in Culture
Chen Jun;Chen Zhenghua;Liu Chengqing;Yao Yuguang;Zhang Lihua;Guan Yuelan
 pp.307-315      Abstract   |   PDF 2029KB
Studies on the Interspecific Gametosomatic Fusion and Culture of Citrus
Deng Xiuxin;J.W. Grosser;F.G. Gmitter
 pp.316-321      Abstract   |   PDF 2168KB
Molecular Cloning of Cellulase Gene from the Bacillus sp. Strain E2
Guan Jiafa;Fan Chengying;Wu Qiaqing;Zhang Faqun;Jiang Ming;Zhang Yizheng
 pp.322-328      Abstract   |   PDF 1334KB
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