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Table of Content
1995 Vol.22 Issue3 ,      10 May 1995
Characterization of Human Coagulation Factor IX cDNA Expressed in Cultured Cells and in Transgenic Mice
Hu Yiping;Qiu Xinfang;Xue Jinglun;Liu Zudong
 pp.161-166      Abstract   |   PDF 881KB
Analysis of Human DNA Fingerprints by Using Fluorescein Labelled Probe JH12.6
Shen Bin;Zou Langping;Chu Jiayou;Yang Yan;Zou Ping
 pp.167-170      Abstract   |   PDF 1988KB
Studies on Theory and Models of Systemic Conservation of Animal and Poultry Genetic Resources
Du Lixin;Zhang Yuan;Wu Changxin
 pp.171-177      Abstract   |   PDF 889KB
Cloning of the Diapause Hormone Gene of the Silkworm(Bombyx mori)
Xu Weihua;Yukihiro Sato;Okitsugu Yamashita
 pp.178-184      Abstract   |   PDF 1386KB
Genetic Diversity and Genetic Structure in the Population Mithun (Bos frontalis Analyzed by Allozyme)
Nie Long;Shi Liming;He Xiangdong;Zhao Yulong;Mu Wengang;Zhang Jianliang
 pp.185-191      Abstract   |   PDF 875KB
Genetical Control of Quality Traits of Rice Grains in indica-japonica Hybrids
Xu Chenwu;Mo Huidong;Zhang Aihong;Zhu Qingsen
 pp.192-198      Abstract   |   PDF 707KB
Studies of Cytomorphosis during Development of Pollen Grains and Isozymes in D2-type CMS Line
Liu Chunguang;Wu Yuwen;Zhang Cuilan;Ren Shuxin;Zhang Yan
 pp.199-205      Abstract   |   PDF 1648KB
Transfer of Useful Germplasm from Leymus racemosus Lam. to Common Wheat.
Chen Peidu;Wang Zhaoti;Wang Suling;Huang Li;Wang Yuzhong;Liu Dajun
 pp.206-210      Abstract   |   PDF 1442KB
The Transmission of Rye Chromosome 6R in Wheat Background
Zhang Wenjun;Jing Jiankang;Hu Han
 pp.211-216      Abstract   |   PDF 568KB
Cytogenetic Research on Hybrids of Triticum with both Thinopyrum ponticum and Th.intermedium as well as Their Derivatives
Zhang Xueyong;Dong Yuchen;Yang Xinming
 pp.217-222      Abstract   |   PDF 1067KB
Characters of Blue Hilum of Soybean Seed and Law of It’s Segregation
Zhang Guanghua;Li Hangping;Zhu Hongde;Zhang Jun;Fei Zhihong
 pp.223-229      Abstract   |   PDF 540KB
In vitro Production of Parthenogenetic Seeds from the Unpollinated Ears of Maize
Huang Guozhong;Gu Mingguang
 pp.230-238      Abstract   |   PDF 2566KB
Promoter Activity Detection and Transcription Initiation Site Determination of the D-xylose Isomerase Gene of Streptomyces diastaticus strain No.7 M1033
Hang Jun;Wang Yuzhen;Dai Xinhua;Cui Tao;Niu Liwen;Wang Chun;Xu Xun
 pp.239-244      Abstract   |   PDF 954KB
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