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Table of Content
1995 Vol.22 Issue2 ,      10 March 1995
Non-radioactive Detection of Dinucleotide Repeat Polymorphisms and Its Application to Genetic Diagnosis
Huang Xiaoming;Hu Xiangyan;Zong Hui;Gao Yizhi
 pp.81-85      Abstract   |   PDF 628KB
An Analyses of Plantar Dermatoglyphic Main Line Trend of Tibetans in Suburbs of Lhasa
Hua Zhaohe;Pan Xiaoyin
 pp.86-90      Abstract   |   PDF 465KB
Studies on Theory and Models of Systemic Conservation of Animal and Poultry Genetic Resources Ⅰ.Theory Analysis of Systemic Conservation of Animal and Poultry Genetic Resources
Du Lixin;Zhang Yuan;Wu Changxin
 pp.91-96      Abstract   |   PDF 839KB
Localization of rRNA Genes of Rice-field Eels(Monopte us al bus Zuiew) on the Bivalents 3q12-q24 and 7q14-q26 by Digoxigenin Labelled in situ Hybridization
Li Kui;Yu Qixing;Mao Yong;Zhao Zechun;Fan Lianchun
 pp.97-102      Abstract   |   PDF 1379KB
Tagging the Pm4a Gene in NILs by RAPD Analysis
Li Songtao;Zhang Zhongting;Wang Bin;Zhong Shaobin;Yao Jingxia
 pp.103-108      Abstract   |   PDF 694KB
Cytogenetics and Self-fertility of Hybrids Between Triticum aestivum L.and Agropyron cristatum(L.)Gaertn
Li Lihui;Dong Yuchen;Zhou Ronghua;Li Xiouquan;Li Pei
 pp.109-114      Abstract   |   PDF 1604KB
Establishment of Somaclones and Regeneration of Plant from Triticum aestivum×Eremopyrum orientale Hbbrid
Liu Jianwen;Dong Yuchen
 pp.116-121      Abstract   |   PDF 1092KB
Linkage of Cereal Root Knot Nematode Resistance Gene Rkn-mnl and the Esterase Est-5 Locus on Chromosome 3U or 3Sv in Aegilops variabilis
Yu Maoqun;Jahier J F Person-Dedryver
 pp.122-125      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Identification of Genetic Contril for Endosperm Traits in Cereals
Mo Huidong
 pp.126-132      Abstract   |   PDF 761KB
Studies for Genic Effect of Resistancee to Seedcoat Mottling on Soybean
Hu Guohua;Gao Fenglan;Wu Zongpu
 pp.133-141      Abstract   |   PDF 846KB
The Genetic Variation of Isozyme in NATURAL Populations of Masson Pine
Huang Qiqiang;Wang Lianhui;Nobuhiro;Tomaru;Kihachiro Ohba
 pp.142-151      Abstract   |   PDF 1084KB
Regulation of Purine Biosynthetic Genes Expression
Li Kaiyi;Dai Xiuyu;Liu Ben;Wang Aoquan
 pp.152-160      Abstract   |   PDF 1066KB
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