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Table of Content
1994 Vol.21 Issue6 ,      10 November 1994
Study on the Specific Binding Site of NF-K B like Factor at the 5’ Upstream Region of Human Lymphotoxin Gene
XU Rener Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.417-423      Abstract   |   PDF 876KB
A Genetic Study of Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease
Mao yiping Lu Xiaoxuan Gao Yizhi Wang shijun Zeng Jianxing Wu Huizhen Chen Jun Lin ZHen
 pp.424-430      Abstract   |   PDF 585KB
Study of Super-structure of Eukaryotic ChromosomesI. The Super-structure of Metaphase Chromosomes in Pigs
Zhan Tiesheng
 pp.431-435      Abstract   |   PDF 1471KB
Study on Evolutionary Genetics of Drosophila aruaria Species Complex-Cladistic Analtsis and Phenetic Analysis
Dai Zhuohua Liu Fengli
 pp.436-440      Abstract   |   PDF 1612KB
The Simulation of Sire Evaluation Using Tribolium castaneum for Comparison of Two Statistical Methods
Zhang Lao Wang Xibin Zhang Qineng Wang Yachun Liu Wei
 pp.441-446      Abstract   |   PDF 499KB
Cytogenetics of the Hybrids and Their Pollen Plants pf Three Genera Triticum Secale and Thinopyrum
Yu Chunjiang Jia Xu Hu Shiquan Zhuang Jiajun
 pp.447-452      Abstract   |   PDF 1434KB
Cytogenetical Studies in Musa (Eumusa)
Wang Zhengxun Lin Zhaoping Pan Kunqing
 pp.453-462      Abstract   |   PDF 2118KB
Direct Transformation of Foreign DNA Uptake During Wheat Pollinating and Its Application in Crop Breeding
Liu Genqi Zhang Kongtian Lin Shilan Tu Erxun Wu Xinyuan Yao Cuiqin Li Mingsheng Li Zhi
 pp.463-467      Abstract   |   PDF 906KB
Characterization of a Wheat Germaplasm for BYDV Resistance Using Biochemical Mrkers
Nie Daotai Jia Xu Hu Shiquan Yu Chunjiang Zhuang Jiajun Zhou Guanghe Qian Youting
 pp.468-473      Abstract   |   PDF 682KB
Wild Hybridization Between Triticum aestivum and Tripsacum dactyloides II.Immature Embryo Cultured
Li Dawei Ouyang Ping Yao Qingxiao Qiu Jiwen
 pp.474-478      Abstract   |   PDF 1929KB
The Upstream Sequence of Cholera Toxin B Subunit Gene Effect on CTB Expression
Cao Cheng Shi Chenghua Li Ping Ma Qingjun
 pp.479-485      Abstract   |   PDF 2323KB
Role of EcoRI-BclI Fragment at the Promoter Upstream Region on the Expression of a -Amylase Gene
Yang Hongjiang Yang Lizhu Chen Qimin Jiang Ruzhang
 pp.486-491      Abstract   |   PDF 449KB
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