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Table of Content
1994 Vol.21 Issue5 ,      10 September 1994
The Distribbution of Gene Frequenices of Immunoglobulin Allotype G2m(23) Factor in Chinese Populations
Hou Yiping Gou Qing Wu Meiyun
 pp.337-341      Abstract   |   PDF 413KB
A Study of the Distribution of PCMI Subtypes in Fifteen Nationalities in Yunnan Province China
Zou Langping Shen Bin
 pp.342-349      Abstract   |   PDF 1240KB
Localization of GH Gene to Bovine Chromosome 5q22-26 by in situ Hybridization
Li Xin Liu Lingyun
 pp.350-355      Abstract   |   PDF 1319KB
Dai Zhuohua Liu Fengli
 pp.362-372      Abstract   |   PDF 941KB
Application of RAPD in Thermal-sensitive Genic Male Sterlie in Rice
Zhang Zhongting Li Songtao Wang Bin
 pp.373-378      Abstract   |   PDF 1434KB
RFLP-based Genomic Analysis of Mutations in Oryza sative L.
Zhuang Jieyun Qian Huirong Cheng Shihua Lu Jun Lin Hongxuan Zheng Kangle
 pp.379-384      Abstract   |   PDF 700KB
Karyotype Analysis for Pachytene Chromosome of Indica Japonica Rice and their Hybrid
Cheng Zhukuan Gu Minghong
 pp.385-392      Abstract   |   PDF 1727KB
Analysis of the Cytoplasmic Genome Translation Product in WA,BT,D Type of CMS Rice
Zhao Shimin Liu Zuochang Zhan Qingcai Liu Junjun Xu Jinxiang Li Xiangdong
 pp.393-397      Abstract   |   PDF 1075KB
Wide Hybridization Between Triticum aestivum and Tripsacum dactyloidesI. Frequency of Embryo Formation
Li DAwei Qiu Jiwen Ouyang Ping Yao Qingxiao
 pp.398-402      Abstract   |   PDF 1178KB
Inheritance of Soybean Resistant to Soybean Mosaic Virus I.Inheritance of Several Resistant Varieties Introduced Resistant to No.II Strain of SMV
:Liao Lin :Liu Yuzhi :Sun Damin :Zhao Ronglin :Tian Peizhan
 pp.403-408      Abstract   |   PDF 1336KB
Plasmid from Halobacterium halobium and Its Restriction Map
Shen Ping ChenYajing
 pp.409-416      Abstract   |   PDF 864KB
The Genetic Mechanism of Intersexuality in Milk Goats od Saanen Breed of Xinong
Zhan Tisheng Tian Yushan Lou Mingfeng Liu Jingxi Wang Yanqing Zhao Xiaochu
 pp.356-361      Abstract   |   PDF 429KB
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