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Table of Content
1994 Vol.21 Issue4 ,      10 July 1994
Construction of 14 DNA Probe Pools for Specific Chromosomal Bands
Xia Jiabui Yang Yi Dai Heping Pan Qian Li Luvum
 pp.253-256      Abstract   |   PDF 1966KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines Bcap-37 and MCF-7
Liu Xifu Liu Jiaying Yan Wu Zou Junhua Han Ling Liu Hui Wang Songxia Zhang Jiaqing
 pp.257-262      Abstract   |   PDF 2643KB
A Study of Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism in Natural Population of Drosophila albomicansII The Origin and Differentiation of Drosophila albomicans
Wang Wen Ling Fayao Shi Liming
 pp.263-274      Abstract   |   PDF 847KB
Estimates of Gene Effects and Effective Gene Number on Litter Size in pig
Zhang Zhiwu Yu Ruliang Wang Ruixiang Fan Zhangming Zheng youmin Wang Yachun
 pp.275-280      Abstract   |   PDF 378KB
PCR Amplification and Cloning of Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) SRY Gene
Zhang Sizhong Zhou Rongjia
 pp.281-286      Abstract   |   PDF 1690KB
Cytogentic Research on Hybrids of Triticum with Thinopyrum ponticum and their Derivatives II.Comparative Research of ll Partial Amphiplodis Derived from Hybrid Offspring of T.aestivum with both Th.ponticum and Th.intermedium
Zhang Xueyong Dong Yushen
 pp.287-296      Abstract   |   PDF 2124KB
Chromosome Location of a Semidwarf Gene sd-g in Indica (O.sativa L.)
Liang Guohua Su Minghong Pan Xuebiao Cheng Zhkuan
 pp.297-304      Abstract   |   PDF 1888KB
Transformation of the Prtoplasts of Rice Blast Fungus with a Selectable Marker for Hygromycin Resistance
Yang Wei Huang Danian Wang Jinxia Zou Qin
 pp.305-312      Abstract   |   PDF 2287KB
Model Test and Paramter Estmates of Augmented NCII Design
Mao Shengxian Liu Laifu Jin Xiaochun
 pp.313-320      Abstract   |   PDF 537KB
The Specific Reaction Between the Trans Acting Factor,CTF/NF-1 and the Related Cis-Acting Element
Gu Chun Liou Lianrui Wang Huipeng Feng Shang Yang Taolan
 pp.321-329      Abstract   |   PDF 1074KB
Construction of Secretion Vector pUS186 and the Expression of B.licheniformis Amylase Gene in and Product Secretion from B.subtilis
Li Wenqing Luo Jinxian Wang Hongge Zhang Tianyuan
 pp.330-336      Abstract   |   PDF 1772KB
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