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Table of Content
1994 Vol.21 Issue3 ,      10 May 1994
Study on Genetic Epidemiology of Albinsim
Gong Yaoqin Shao Changshun Zheng Hong Chen Bingxi Guo Yishou
 pp.169-172      Abstract   |   PDF 291KB
Study on Polymorphism of Ribosomal RNA Gene in Chinese Hans and Yis
Yuan Saying Jiang Weihong Lu Yan Fei Hongming Chen Renbiao
 pp.173-178      Abstract   |   PDF 536KB
Invasion of Drosophila albomicans into Shanghai and Areas Nearby and a Study on its Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism
Chen Wejing Zhang Jianzhi Geng Zhencheng Zhu Dingliang
 pp.179-187      Abstract   |   PDF 1941KB
Chromosome Abnormality and Dominant Lethality among the F1 Generation of Mice after y-ray lrradiation
Yao Suyan Zhang Chaoyang Dai Lianlian Gao Changwen Wei Lüxin
 pp.188-192      Abstract   |   PDF 1964KB
Estimation of Evolutionary Distances Between Protein Sequences
Yang Ziheng
 pp.193-200      Abstract   |   PDF 1701KB
A Cytological Observation on the Pollen Abortion in the Bilinear Nuclear Sterile Strain of the New-type Uplandrice Kunzhi S-1
Wu Shibin Sun Youming Zhou Kaiyuan Wan Jianhui
 pp.201-204      Abstract   |   PDF 993KB
Construction of a Rice Molecular Linkage Map Using a Double Hploid (DH) Population
Xu Jichen Zhu Lihuang Chen Ying Lu Chaofu Cai Hongwei
 pp.205-214      Abstract   |   PDF 1499KB
Improvement Of Plant Regeneration Frequency in uitro In Indica Rice
Tian Wen zhong Iann Rance Elunialai Sivamani Claude Fauquet Roger N Beachy
 pp.215-221      Abstract   |   PDF 1264KB
Effect of Genomes on the Mesophyll Protoplast Culture and Plant Regeneration of Brassica
Li Shijun Meng Zheng Li Debao
 pp.222-226      Abstract   |   PDF 992KB
Effect of the Changes of Amino Acids on Both Signal Peptide C-Terminal and Mature Protein N-Terminal Region to the Secretion of a-Amylase in B.subtilis
Ji Yonggang Yang Lizhu Chen Qimin Ma Ming Geng Yuanqi Jiang Ruzhang
 pp.227-234      Abstract   |   PDF 802KB
Construction of Secretion Vectors Using Signal Sequence of Bacillus subtilis Alkaline Protease E Gene
Liu Yongliang Tong Kezhong
 pp.235-246      Abstract   |   PDF 2151KB
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