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Table of Content
1994 Vol.21 Issue2 ,      10 March 1994
Studies on the Molecular Evolution of Apilipoprotein Multigene Famlly
Wang Le Chai Jianhua Lu Yu C C Tan
 pp.81-95      Abstract   |   PDF 1126KB
Synaptonemal Complex Analysis of 13/17 Robertsonian Translocation in the Domestic Pig
Shan Jidong Zhang Chuanshan Sun Jinhai Li Laiji
 pp.96-103      Abstract   |   PDF 2398KB
Studies on Isozymes in Sex Reversal Proces of Monopterus albus 1.Analysis to Isozymes from Diferent Tissues of Male and Famale Individuals
Xu Jinlin Ma Fei Xu Qin
 pp.104-111      Abstract   |   PDF 1706KB
The Relationship Between the Heritability of a Ratio and Selection Intensity
Zhang Shengli Chen Tinghuai Zhou Minxong
 pp.112-117      Abstract   |   PDF 443KB
PCR Detecting Homologous Recombinants from ES Cells
Xue Youfang Lin Xiaodong Wu Heling
 pp.118-124      Abstract   |   PDF 635KB
Studies of Interspecific Hybridization of Cultivated Jute Corchrus capsularis x C.olitorius
Weng Caihao Guo Quansheng Zeng Guangwen Qiu Yaodong Yu Yiwen
 pp.125-132      Abstract   |   PDF 1096KB
Study on Factors Transmission of Chinese Dong Xiang Wild Rice
Li Zixian liu Guoping Chen Zhonggyou
 pp.133-146      Abstract   |   PDF 3340KB
Studies of the Inheritance and Selection of Sweetness and Acidity in Apples
Li Baojiang Jing Shixi Ding Yuying Zhang Jinge
 pp.147-154      Abstract   |   PDF 694KB
Site-directed Mutagenesis at ser177 of Penicillin G Acylase Gene
Peng Tianjian Zhang Qijiu Guo Lihe
 pp.155-160      Abstract   |   PDF 557KB
The Study of Insertion Sequence on Is2 I.Polarity and Inserted Direction of IS2
Huang Zhanjing
 pp.161-168      Abstract   |   PDF 750KB
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