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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue6 ,      28 November 1993
Gene Cloning and Expression of TNF in Streptomyces lividans TK54
Liu Juping;Li Yuan;Liu Boying
 pp.481-487      Abstract   |   PDF 626KB
Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Study on a Female with Complex Translocation o f t(Y;15) and t(14;21)*
Shi Yuping;Ma Shaowu;Wang Yumei;Gao Chunsheng;Ye Lizhen;Cheng Zaiyu
 pp.488-492      Abstract   |   PDF 1177KB
Electrofusion of Two-cell Embryos of Rabbit and Their Developmental Capacity in vitro
Liu Lin;An Min
 pp.493-498      Abstract   |   PDF 1668KB
Formation of Mouse Chimeras from Early Embryonic Pluripotential Stem Cell
Song Zhentao;Li Qiutang;Shang Kegang;Wu Heling
 pp.499-503      Abstract   |   PDF 1341KB
Estimation of the Sampling Variance of Co-heritability
Li Ming ding
 pp.504-513      Abstract   |   PDF 891KB
Rapid Development of New Wheat Germplasms Resistant to Stripe Rust and Barley Ye llow Dwarf Virus via Anther Culture
Nei Daotai;Zhuang Jiajun;Jia Xu;Hu Shiquan;Yu Chunjing;Zhou Guanghe;Wang Jianxiong;Qian Youting
 pp.514-523      Abstract   |   PDF 1390KB
Studies of Breeding for Strains of Controlling Plant Pathogens and Pest by Inter specific Protoplast Fusion
Liu Yiqiang;Wang Yaping;Pan Naisui;Chen Zhangliang
 pp.524-530      Abstract   |   PDF 1644KB
The Induction and Identification of Pollen-originated Plants of Asparagus via An ther Culture
Lu Chao fu;Zhou Weiyan
 pp.531-535      Abstract   |   PDF 822KB
High Freduency of Plting Efficiency and Plant Rlant Regeneyation from Protoplasts of Cottn (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
She Jianming;Wu Jingyin;Zhou Hanyang
 pp.536-540      Abstract   |   PDF 1225KB
Genetic Studies of the Hybrid Sterility in Cultivated Rice(Oryza sativa) Ⅲ.Allele Differentiation of F1 Pollen Sterility in Different Types of Varieties
Zhang Guiquan;Lu Yonggen;Liu Guifu;Yang Jinchang;Zhang Hua
 pp.541-551      Abstract   |   PDF 1064KB
Character Expression of The Semidwarfing Gene sd-1 in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Ⅲ.Association Between the Semidwarfism and Grain Numbers Per Panicle
Xia Baosen);Shinya OBA);Fumio KIKUCHI);Kstsu IMAI)
 pp.552-560      Abstract   |   PDF 870KB
Locolization and Nucleotide Sequence of Propiony AcyIase Gene of Streptomyces my arofaciens
Cui Liwei;Li Yuan;Liu Boying
 pp.561-570      Abstract   |   PDF 1019KB
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