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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue5 ,      28 September 1993
Molecular Study of the Mechanism of Chromosomal Translocation (15;17) in Acute P romyelocytic Leukemia(APL)*
Dong Shuo;Tong Jianhua;Wu Yu;Cai Jingren;Sun Guanlin;Chen Shurong;Wa ng Zhenyi;Chen Saijuan;Chen Zhu;Geng Jieping;Chi Zhenwu
 pp.381-388      Abstract   |   PDF 719KB
Revelations of the Origin of Chinese Nation from Clustering Analysis and Frequen cy Distribution of HLA Polymorphism in Major Minority Nationalities in Mainland China
Chen Renbiao;Ye Genyao;Geng Zhencheng;Wang Zenghui;Kong Fanhua;Ti an Ding;Bao Piyun;Liu Ruoying;Liu Jie;Song Fangji;Fan Lian;Zhan g Gongliang;Guo Shishi;Xu Linmin;Xu Xingpei;Cheng Dingz
 pp.389-398      Abstract   |   PDF 818KB
Genetic Polymorphism of Inter-Alpha-Trypsin-Inhibitor (ITI) in a Han Population in China
Hou Yiping;Gou Qing;Wu Meiyun
 pp.399-403      Abstract   |   PDF 375KB
An Evaluation of DNA Fingerprinting with Oligonucleotide Probe for Forensic Purposes
Lan Ling;Zhang Xiaowei;Duan Bingzhang;Huo Zhenyi;Shi Xiufen
 pp.404-410      Abstract   |   PDF 947KB
Secretive Export of StxB/HlyA(CT) Fusion Protein and B Subunit Specific Antibody Responses in Mice
Su Guofu;Himanshu N. Brahmbhatt Kanneth N. Timmis
 pp.411-418      Abstract   |   PDF 818KB
Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism of Cattle(Bos taurus) and Mithun(Bos frontalis) in Yunnan Province
Lan Hong;Xiong Xikun;Lin Shiying;Liu Aihua;Shi Liming
 pp.419-425      Abstract   |   PDF 701KB
Gene Flow in Macaques*
Zhang Yaping;Shi Liming
 pp.426-431      Abstract   |   PDF 563KB
The Chromosomal Location and Inheritance of a New Corn Kernel Mutant Gene(os) Wi th Pleiotropic Effects
Song Tongming;Lu Xiaowu
 pp.432-438      Abstract   |   PDF 529KB
Cytogeetic Research on Hybrids Between Triticum and Decaploid Thinopyrum ponticu m and Their Derivatives I.Chromosome Pairing in Decaploid Th.ponticum and F1 Hybrids of It with Both T.aestivum and T. durm
Zhang Xueyong;Dong Yuchen;Li Zhanwen
 pp.439-447      Abstract   |   PDF 1656KB
Studies of Doubled Haploid Barley and Its Progeny Induced by Bulbosum Method
Fu Zhiming;Li Ansheng;Cao Linzang;Shao Qiquan
 pp.448-454      Abstract   |   PDF 1262KB
Analysis of Factors Involved in Detection of Restriction Fragment Length Polymor phisms Between Indica and Japonica Rice (Oryza sativa L.)*
Wu Zhihao;Xu Yunbi;Zhu Lihuang
 pp.455-461      Abstract   |   PDF 642KB
Isozymic Studies of the Homoeology Between Triticum aestivum and Elytrigia inter media Chromosomes in Set I Wheat-wheatgrass Alien Addition Lines
Gao Mingjun;Hao Shui;He Mengyuan;Bu Xiuling
 pp.462-467      Abstract   |   PDF 978KB
Localization of Genes for Heading Date in Common Wheat
Zheng Youliang;Yan Ji;Yang Junliang
 pp.468-472      Abstract   |   PDF 335KB
Regulation of Purine Biosythetic Genes Expression in Salmonella Typhimurium*
Wang Aoquan;Dai Xiuyu;Chen Xiuzhu;Tang Guomin
 pp.473-480      Abstract   |   PDF 587KB
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