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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue4 ,      28 July 1993
The Construction of Human Genome YAC Library and Screening by Hybridization of M embrane High Density Spoted in Array
Chai Jinhua;Gu YangHong
 pp.285-289      Abstract   |   PDF 540KB
Comparative Observation on Several Indies of Nuclear Damage Induced By MMC In Rat Peripheral Lymphocytes At G0 Phase
Kong Zhiming;Wang Huan;Liu Bing
 pp.290-293      Abstract   |   PDF 664KB
Unequal Genetic Contributions of Parents to Offsprings and Their Optimal Control
Yang Ning;Wu Changxin
 pp.294-299      Abstract   |   PDF 517KB
Cloning and Sequencing of Attacus Ricini Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Polyhedrin Gene
Hu Jianxin;Ding Hongzhen;Wu Xiangfu
 pp.300-304      Abstract   |   PDF 385KB
Cluster Analysis Method of Karyotype ResemblanceNear Coefficient
Tan Yuande;Wu Changmou
 pp.305-311      Abstract   |   PDF 505KB
Effect of Wheat Genetic Background on the Expression of the Rye Gene Lr26 for Re sistance to Leaf Rust in Wheat
Ren Zhenglong
 pp.312-316      Abstract   |   PDF 1449KB
Studies of The Formation and Cytogenetics of Octoploid Tritileymus
Fu Jie;Chen Shuyang;Zhang Anjing
 pp.317-323      Abstract   |   PDF 1138KB
Molecular Study on Null Allelic RFLPs Among Rice Varieties*
Mao Long;Zhu Lihuang
 pp.324-333      Abstract   |   PDF 3178KB
Genetic Analysis of Blast Resistance in Somaclonal Mutants of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)*
Chen Zhang;Chen Qifeng;Hou Qingmu
 pp.334-339      Abstract   |   PDF 471KB
Studies of the Screening of Rice Blastresistant Mutant Using Phytotoxin*
Chen Qifeng;Chen Zhang;Wang Jinling
 pp.340-347      Abstract   |   PDF 560KB
OBtaining The Hybrids of Oryza sativa×O. officinalis Without Embryo Culture by Using Male-sterile Lines
Yu Wenjin;Luo Ke;Guo Xuexing
 pp.348-353      Abstract   |   PDF 1201KB
Inheritance of Blast Resistance of a Rice Variety, Ai-mei-zao No.3
Chen Baotang;Pen Zhongming;Xu Yunqi
 pp.354-361      Abstract   |   PDF 506KB
Effect of Ribosomal Protein Mutation on the Expression of Alkaline Protease Gene in Bacillus subtilis*
Zhang Wei;Tong Kezhong
 pp.362-373      Abstract   |   PDF 1233KB
Cloning of βAmylase Gene from B. substitute and Its Expression in E. coli
Wang Weixian;Zhang Qin;Shen Tongjian
 pp.374-380      Abstract   |   PDF 660KB
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