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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue3 ,      28 May 1993
Stuies of The Homology of Chromosomes Between Human Being and Rhesus Monkey with Chromosomal ln situ Suppression Hybridization
Huang Haojie;Zhang Xiran;Chen Yifeng
 pp.193-200      Abstract   |   PDF 2344KB
Molecular Genetic Analysis on Six Cases of Sex Reversal Syndrome*
Xiao Guanghui;Xiong Zhenggang;Lai Fuying;Chen Zhaohui;Qiu Luolin
 pp.201-205      Abstract   |   PDF 421KB
Allelic Polymorphism in The Coding Region of Human T cell Receptor Vβ12 Gene
Zhao Tongmao;C.E. Day;M.A. Robinson
 pp.206-210      Abstract   |   PDF 411KB
Studies of Mitotic Chromosomes and Meiotic Synaptonemal Complex of Physignathus cocincinus (Reptilia)
Wang Ruifang;He Weishun;Chen Quan;Shi Liming
 pp.211-215      Abstract   |   PDF 1466KB
Generation Changes in The Gene Frequencies of Blood Amylase (Amy-1)in Yuehuang C hicken During The Selection and Breeding*
Zhang Xiquan;Wu Xianhua;Wei Caifan;Li Hangiao;Qiu Ling
 pp.216-221      Abstract   |   PDF 433KB
Genetic Studies of The Hybrid Sterility in Cultivated Rice(Oryza sativa)II.A Genic Model for F1 Pollen Sterility*
Zhang Guiquan;Lu Yonggen
 pp.222-224      Abstract   |   PDF 1860KB
Identification of Trisomics in Japonica Rice Plants by Chromosome G-banding
Yao Qing Song Yunchun
 pp.229-234      Abstract   |   PDF 1918KB
Studying of Restriction Patterns of Mitochondrial DNA from Indice Rice IR36 (Ory za sativa L.)*
Yang Jinshui;Virginia Walbot
 pp.235-244      Abstract   |   PDF 814KB
Cloning of Soybean promoter Fragments and Expr ession in Transformed Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch
Dong Jinlan;Li Hongquan;Qiao Jingbo;Li Hongwei;Lui Guoping;Li Jilin
 pp.245-252      Abstract   |   PDF 1618KB
A Study of The Salt-Resistant Variatien of Inducing Matured Embryo’s Callus and Regenerated Plants in Wheat
Shen Yinzhu;Liu Zhiyi;Zhang Zhaoduo;Si Zhihai;Huang Zhanjing;Shi Lanbo;Meng qingchang
 pp.253-261      Abstract   |   PDF 1248KB
Genetic ApproaAch for Analyzing Intra-cultivar Heterosis in Crops
Zhu Jun;Ji Daofan;Xu Fuhua
 pp.262-271      Abstract   |   PDF 807KB
Construct of The Stable-Produced Strain For The Thermostable a-amylase*
Chen Qimin;Wu Lihong;Jiang Ruzhang;Zhang Yanzhu;Geng Yunqi
 pp.272-278      Abstract   |   PDF 807KB
Nucleotide Sequence and Genome Structure of Mink Enteritis Virus
Zhao Xintai;Yin Zhen;Zhao Yongjun;Li Zaiping;Wu Xiangfu
 pp.279-284      Abstract   |   PDF 358KB
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