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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue2 ,      28 March 1993
The Study of the RFLP of D14S13 Site of Human Genome
Ni Jingtang;Yao Xiang;Guo Hongling;Li Boling
 pp.97-101      Abstract   |   PDF 920KB
The Genotyping of HLA-D Region and Specific RFLP Patterna for Chinese Han popula
Fei Hongming;Jiang Weihong;Chen Renbiao;Fan Lian;Xu Keyu
 pp.102-110      Abstract   |   PDF 889KB
Optimum Sample Size in the Crossing Experiments
Cao Shengyan;Peng Zhongzhen;Wei Mingxin
 pp.111-115      Abstract   |   PDF 366KB
Fluorescence Banding Studies in Fish Chromosomes*
Ren Xiuhai);Yu Qixing;Cui Jianxun;Chang Zhongjie
 pp.116-121      Abstract   |   PDF 2593KB
Production of Transgenic Rabbits by Micro Injection
Shi Luji;Guo Lihe;Ni Zumei;Zuo Jiake;Lu Deyu;Du Miao;Li Guangsan;Xu Shaofu;Li Guozhong;Mu Zongyao;Du Fuliang;Chen Shouyi;Lao Weide;Shen Xiaozhou;Shen Xiulan;Tan Liling
 pp.122-134      Abstract   |   PDF 1132KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Brown FieldMouse
Zhu Bicai;Liu Jiakun;Xu Yi;Zhang Yuhui;Wang Tingzheng
 pp.135-140      Abstract   |   PDF 1613KB
Induction of Monohaploid Plants from a Male Sterile Dihaploid Strain of Solanum tuberosum L. by Anther CUlture
Dai Chaoxi;Yu Pinhua;Ran Yidong;Qu Xiulan
 pp.141-146      Abstract   |   PDF 1132KB
Studies of Inheritance of the Crossability of A New Material ¡°J-11¡± of Common Wheat With Rye
Zheng Youliang;Luo Mingcheng;Yan Ji;Yang Junliang
 pp.147-154      Abstract   |   PDF 534KB
Studies of Karyotypes and Sex Chromosomes in Pseudotaxus chienii*
Guan Qiliang;Lin Li;Yu Zhonglu
 pp.155-158      Abstract   |   PDF 691KB
The Influence of Actinonycin D and Cyloheximide on the Formation of the Masses of Embryogenic Cells and the Globular Embryoes and on Metabolic kinesis of Macromoleculs in Embryogenic Calli of F.Pallidiflora Schrenk*
Wang Lunshan;Ding Huibin;Lin Jieyun
 pp.159-166      Abstract   |   PDF 1239KB
Enhance the Efficiency of Haploid Breeding and the Character of Fertility Revers
Ling Dinghou;Chen Meifang;Ma Zhenrong;Chen Baoyuan;Liang Chengye;Wu Yongzh
 pp.167-173      Abstract   |   PDF 1683KB
Chromosomal Locations of Wheatgrass Esterases Isozyme Structural Genes in Set II Wheat wheatgrass Alien Addition Lines
Gao Mingjun;Hao Shui;He Mengyuan;Bu Xiuling
 pp.174-179      Abstract   |   PDF 447KB
Overcoming Restriction of Streptomyces Hygroscopicus 10-22 by the Modification of S.fradiaeAn Attempt to Develop a Transformation System for S. hygroscopicus 1022*
Qin Zhongjun;Deng Zixin;Zhou Qi;Chen Huakui
 pp.180-184      Abstract   |   PDF 447KB
A Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of Primitive Biological Macromolecules and Its Evolutionary lmplications
Zhang Shanghong
 pp.185-191      Abstract   |   PDF 1634KB
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