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Table of Content
1993 Vol.20 Issue1 ,      28 January 1993
The Analysis of Human DNA Fingerprints by the Synthetic Oligonucleotide Probe
Lan Ling;Zhang Xiaowei;Huo Zhenyi;Duan Bingzhang
 pp.1-6      Abstract   |   PDF 2589KB
Molecular and Clinical Cytogenetic Studies of a Family with a 22p+ Marker Chromosome
Liu Shumin);Gao Chunsheng;Hu Yuan );Lin Miaoliang;Cheng Zaiyu
 pp.7-11      Abstract   |   PDF 703KB
pplication of RFLP Analysis to Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy in Shando*
Guo Yishou;Wei Jianjun;Chen Bingxi;Cai FuqianG;Yang Yaping;Gong Yaoqin
 pp.12-18      Abstract   |   PDF 495KB
Localization of E(wa)in Drosophila melanogaster Using Rearrangement
Peng Xianbu;Stephen M. Mount
 pp.19-25      Abstract   |   PDF 816KB
A Cytogenetic Study of Three Megophrys Species from Yunnan Province
Li Shushen;Fei Liang;Ye Changyuen
 pp.26-32      Abstract   |   PDF 900KB
Species Character and Race Varistion of Acoustic Behavior in Brown House Rat(Rattus norvegicus)
Jiang Jinchang;Xu Muling;Wang Qiang
 pp.33-43      Abstract   |   PDF 823KB
Morphology and Cytogenetics of Intergeneric Hybrids of Crossing Triticum durum and T.timopheevi with Tetraplloid Elytrigia elongata*
Han Fangpu;LiJilin
 pp.44-49      Abstract   |   PDF 1185KB
Cyological Analysis of F1 Plants of Tomato Interspecific Hybrid in uitro
WU Heming;Lu Weizhong;She Jianming;Zhou Hanyang
 pp.50-58      Abstract   |   PDF 1641KB
Regulation of Agrobacterium Vir Gene Expression by Metabolites from Monocotyledonous and Dicotyledonous Plants
Xu Yao;Shi Jun;Li Baojian
 pp.59-67      Abstract   |   PDF 713KB
Cytological Analysison Mechanisms of Functional Gametes Formation in Hybrids Between Aegilops tauschii and Triticum durum-Haynadia Amphidiploid
Li Suoping Liu Dajun
 pp.68-73      Abstract   |   PDF 1625KB
The Variations of Plastid DNA Contents in Three Kinds of Calli and Its Relationship to the Formation of Rice pollen Albinos
ZhangYulin:Wang Zhengui:Mo Yongsheng:Bian Qijun:
 pp.74-80      Abstract   |   PDF 1220KB
The Identification of Two Agropyron intermedium Translocation Lines in Wheat by RAPD Analysis
Bao Xiaoming;Huang Baiqu;Li Songtao;Zhang Zhongting;Wang Bin
 pp.81-87      Abstract   |   PDF 744KB
The Inheritance of Rice Bacterial Blight In Pollen Lines*
Zhang;Chengmei;Lu Jiaan;Zhang Zhenhua;Zhang Qi
 pp.88-95      Abstract   |   PDF 563KB
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