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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue6 ,      28 November 1992
Genetic Polymorphism of Complement Component Six (C6) in Five Han Subpopulations *
Hu Jiaoyu;Du Ruofu
 pp.481-485      Abstract   |   PDF 322KB
A computer Simulated Test for the Long-Time Change of HeterozygoteAnalysis of Possibility on Preserving the Heterozygote for Long-Time in Populati on
Mang Lai;Sheng Zhilian
 pp.486-490      Abstract   |   PDF 374KB
Effects of Several Primary Factors Related to Establishment of Mouse Embryo Plur ipotent Stem Cell Lines (ES Cell Line)
Shang Kegang;Li Ziyu;Wu Heling
 pp.491-496      Abstract   |   PDF 460KB
Temporal-spectral Combined Analysis——A New Method for the Study of Courtship S ongs of Drosophila*
Yuan Yue;Wang Junqi;Zhong Zhong;Zhu Dingliang;Geng Zhencheng
 pp.497-509      Abstract   |   PDF 968KB
Identification of Haynaldia villosa Chromosomes in Wheat Alien Addition and Subs titution Lines by C-banding Technique
Dong Fenggao;Chen Peidu;Liu Dajun
 pp.510-512      Abstract   |   PDF 1059KB
Localization of the Gene Multi-ovary on Chromosome and Chromosome-arm of Common Wheat Using Monosomic and Ditelosomic Analysis
Shen Guanghua;Tong Yizhong;Shen Gezhi
 pp.513-516      Abstract   |   PDF 430KB
Studies of Giemsa C-banding Pattern in A. longissima and Identifications of Chin ese Spring-A. longissima Addition, Substitions and Translocation
Wang Zhengxun;F.J.Zeller
 pp.517-522      Abstract   |   PDF 1875KB
Identification of a Wheat-rye Chromosome Substitution in Common Wheat
Zhong Shaobin;Yao Jingxia
 pp.523-527      Abstract   |   PDF 786KB
Studies of the Nullisomics and Their Cytology of A Cultivar Wheat Abbondanza
Ji Wanquan;Xue Xiuzhuang;Wang Qiuying
 pp.528-533      Abstract   |   PDF 1338KB
Cloning and Expression of α-Hydroxy-γ-Aminobutyl Acylase Gene of Bacillus circ ulans NRRL-B3312
Li Yuan;Liu Boying;Li Xiaoping;Yu Hong
 pp.534-540      Abstract   |   PDF 770KB
Study on the Meiotic Mapping and Functions of Another New Osmotic-sensitive Gene -osm3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae*
Zhi Huijun;Li Taosheng;Chen Shiyi
 pp.541-548      Abstract   |   PDF 636KB
Construction and Characterization of Shuttle Plasmid pBHGl in Bacillus thuringie nsisi and Escherichia coli
Guo Sandui;Fan Yunliu
 pp.549-557      Abstract   |   PDF 757KB
The Correlation Between the maturation of rbcL Tanscripts and Its Flanking Sequence in a Prokaryotic System
The Correlation Between the maturation of rbcL Tanscripts and Its Flanking Seque nce in a Prokaryotic System
 pp.558-568      Abstract   |   PDF 983KB
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