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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue5 ,      28 September 1992
Preparation and Utilization of BrdU Antiserum II. Detections of BrdU Labelling C hromosome and DNA Using BrdU Antibody Technique
Shang Kegang;Lou Zhuangwei;Wu Heling
 pp.385-389      Abstract   |   PDF 915KB
Studies of Distribution of Subtypes of Transferrin, Group-specific Component, α 1-Antitrypsin in Gastric Cancer Patients from Shanghai Area
Lu Zhenyu;Feng Bo;Feng Jiping;Chen Renbiao;Xu Jiujin;Du Ruofu
 pp.390-396      Abstract   |   PDF 526KB
A Comparative Study of Evolutionary Distance and Relative Substitution Rate
Lu Baozhong;Chen Jie
 pp.397-402      Abstract   |   PDF 392KB
Synaptonemal Complexes of Human Spermatorcytes and Foetal Oocytes Observed by El ectron Microscopy
Shi Liming;Ma Kun;Yang Fengtang
 pp.403-409      Abstract   |   PDF 1621KB
Isolation and Characterization of Prolactin Messenger RNA from Bovine Anterior P ituitary Glands*
Zhang Tonghai;Song Shiduo;Li Lijing;Qi Wei;HuWenzhi;Wang Peifu;Chen K unming;Fang Peihua
 pp.410-415      Abstract   |   PDF 518KB
Iterative Estimation of Variance Components for A Mixed Model with A Numerator R elationship Matrix: Apply to Compute K of Variance Ratio in BLUP and Genetic Par ameters
Gong Benyi
 pp.416-422      Abstract   |   PDF 370KB
Inheritance of Isozymes and Morphological Characters in the Brinjal Eggplant*
Zhou Weijun
 pp.423-429      Abstract   |   PDF 612KB
Influences of Seedling Age and Red Light on Protoplast Isolation and Culture of Sunflower
Jiang Junda;Xue Qingzhong
 pp.430-435      Abstract   |   PDF 963KB
The Study of Effectiveness of phlb Gene on Inducing Homoeologous Chromosome Pair ing of ABD Genomes in Common wheat
Fan Lu;Wu Fengcai;Han Jinghua;Yie X ngguo;Cao Wenguang;Pan Shuting;Deng Ji ngyang
 pp.436-438      Abstract   |   PDF 605KB
Cytogenetic Studies of the Offsprings of Octoploid Agrotriticum × T.aestivum L.
Kong Lingrang;Wang Honggang;Zhao Jiping;Jiang Lijun
 pp.439-445      Abstract   |   PDF 986KB
Comparative Studies on the Constitutions of Protein Polypeptides Between a WA Ty pe Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Rice and Its Maintainer*
Xu Renlin;Jiang Xiaohong;ShiSuyun;LiuAimin;Yi Qiong hua
 pp.446-452      Abstract   |   PDF 1519KB
The Reguaration Role of MET Combined with Other Hormones on Regenerated Plantlet of Rice*
Zhao Chengzhang;Qi Xiufang;Zheng Kangle;Xu Xingming;Shen Bo;Yu Fei;Jiang Huachuan
 pp.453-458      Abstract   |   PDF 491KB
Studies of the Location of Gene for Resistance to Bacterial Blight in Yunnan Ric e Variety DongnuoI.The Chromosomal Location of Resistant Gene — Primary Trisomics Analysis*
Lin Xinghua;Yu Gongxing;Zhang Duanpin;Xie Yuefeng;Chen Yong
 pp.459-466      Abstract   |   PDF 599KB
Studies of Reform of Yeast Cell by Protoplast Fusion* V. Genetic Analysis of the Interspecific Fusion Hybrid Between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and S. diastaticus*
Li Taosheng;Zhi Huijun;Luo Yuping;Chen Shiyi
 pp.467-474      Abstract   |   PDF 719KB
Nucleotide Frequency Analysis of Bacteriophage ○/X174 gENOME
Yang Ziheng
 pp.475-480      Abstract   |   PDF 472KB
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