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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue4 ,      28 July 1992
Preparation and Utilization of BrdU Antiserum I.Preparation and Characterization of Highly Specific BrdU Antiserum
Lou Zhuangwei;Shang Kegang;Wu Heling
 pp.289-293      Abstract   |   PDF 461KB
Molecular Cytogenetic Study of An Extra Small Chromosome
Fu Shengmiao;Fu Huiqun;Xiao Han;Song Xingyu;Chen Jiaqi;Gao Chunsheng;Qiu Hongchen;Cheng Zaiyu
 pp.294-297      Abstract   |   PDF 777KB
RFLPs Study of Parental Origin and Mechanism of 3 Cases with X Chromosome Struct ural Abnormality
Dai Heping;Deng Hanxiang;He Xiaoxuan;Li Luyun;Xia Jiahui
 pp.298-303      Abstract   |   PDF 1129KB
A Study of AgNORs in Landrace, Funjing Pig and Their Hybrid
Yu Ruliang;Xin Caiyun;Chen Lin;Fang Zhangming;Chen Long
 pp.304-307      Abstract   |   PDF 772KB
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Salmon Growth Hormone cDNA*
Song Shiduo;K.T. Trinh;C.L.Hew
 pp.308-315      Abstract   |   PDF 712KB
The Production of New Varieties in Common Wheat by Chromosome Engineering
Xue Xiuzhuang;Xu Xitang;Wang Xiangzheng
 pp.316-321      Abstract   |   PDF 1259KB
Production and Cytogenetic Study of Intergeneric Hybrid between Triticum aestivu m and Psathyrostachys Species*
Sun Genlou;Yan Ji;Yang Junliang
 pp.322-326      Abstract   |   PDF 1343KB
Heat Shock Proteins in Male Sterile Sorghum (3197A) and Its Relation to Male Sterility*
Zhang Kongtian;Li Jingjing
 pp.327-335      Abstract   |   PDF 1356KB
Isozymic Studies of the Genome Structure Constitution of Elytrigia intermedia
Gao Mingjun;Hao Shui;He Mengyuan;Li Na
 pp.336-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1318KB
Production and Cytogenetics of Intergeneric Hybrids Between Aegilops tauschii an d Triticum durum-Haynaldia villosa Amphidiploid
Li Suoping;Liu Dajun
 pp.344-348      Abstract   |   PDF 1093KB
Inheritance of Funtional Male Sterility and Its Allele Linkage of Fruit Purple C olor in Eggplant
Liu Jinsheng;S.C. Phatak
 pp.349-354      Abstract   |   PDF 394KB
Studies of Plasmids of Pseudomonas maltophilia
Shen Ping;Huang Min;Peng Zhenrong
 pp.355-361      Abstract   |   PDF 578KB
Isolation of Vitamine B2 Auxotroph and Preliminary Genetic Mapping In Salmonella typhimurium
Wang Aoquan
 pp.362-368      Abstract   |   PDF 510KB
The Construction of Genomic Library of Alcaligenes faecalis and Cloning of infH Gene Sequence Homologous to Klebsiella pneumoinae
Hai Weili;Zheng Honggang;You Chongpiao;Wang Bin
 pp.369-377      Abstract   |   PDF 1042KB
Molecular Cloning and Expression of Vibrio cholerae LPS O-Antigen Genes in E. co li HB101
Huang Hongjin;MaQingjun
 pp.378-384      Abstract   |   PDF 742KB
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