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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue3 ,      28 May 1992
The Study of DNA Fingerprint Using Probe Directly Labelled with Horseradish Pero xidase and Enhenced Chemiluminescence in Forensic Science Application
Ni Jintang;Ye Jian;Liu Jian;Zheng Xiufen;Li Boling;Ding Yan
 pp.193-197      Abstract   |   PDF 1594KB
Studies of the Relationship Between Transferrin Genetic Polymorphism and Disease s
Jiang Zhilong;Du Chuanshu
 pp.198-202      Abstract   |   PDF 472KB
The Genetic Analysis of Long-term Index Selection —— A Simulation Experiment
Zhang Shengli;Wu Changxin
 pp.203-211      Abstract   |   PDF 676KB
The Establish ment of in vivo SCE Detecting System of Chromosomes in Monopterus albus*
Di Shaojie Liu Lingyun
 pp.212-220      Abstract   |   PDF 1030KB
Biochemical Genetic Structure and Variation in A Natural Population of Grass Car p from the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River*
Wu Lizhao Wang Zuxiong
 pp.221-227      Abstract   |   PDF 600KB
A Study of Genetic Polymorphism of Isozymes in Natural Populations of Drosophila virilis in East China
Gu Shaohua;Kong Yuan;Zhu Dingliang;Geng Zhencheng;Tan Jiazhen
 pp.228-235      Abstract   |   PDF 793KB
Comparative Assessment of Genetic Variation at 6 Isozyme Loci in Barley from Two Centers of Diversity: Ethiopia and Tibet*
Zhang Qifa;Dai Xiankai;M.A. Saghai Maroof
 pp.236-243      Abstract   |   PDF 691KB
Studies of Telocentric Chromosome pairing in Triticum aestivum L.cv Chinese Spri ng Double Ditelosomics
Qi Lili;Liu Dajun
 pp.244-249      Abstract   |   PDF 1265KB
Plant Regeneration and Variation of a Wheat × Agropyron Gaertn Intergeneric Hybrid
Li Lihui.Dong Yushen;Zhou Ronghua;Li Xiuquan;Yang Xinming;Xu Shiyu
 pp.250-258      Abstract   |   PDF 1265KB
Studies of Screening Resistant to Fusarium graminearum schw by Tissue Culture in Wheat*
Guo Lijuan;Yao Qingxiao;Hu Qide;Zhang Hao;Deng Fuyou;Zheng Huaquan;Huang Wufang
 pp.259-265      Abstract   |   PDF 1288KB
Studies of Genetic Mechanism of Haploid Induced by Male Sterile Lines of 1B/1R W heat with Ae. kotschyi, Ae. variabilis Cytoplasms and Its Performance of Fertili ty Restoration
Zhang Gaisheng
 pp.266-277      Abstract   |   PDF 1091KB
A Study of Growth Variation and Selection Utilization among Clones of Pollen Pla nts H1 of Populus xiaohei*
Liu Yuxi;LuZhihua;Zhan Yaguang;Li Li;Qi Lizhi;Zhang;Peigao
 pp.278-283      Abstract   |   PDF 442KB
Expression and Secretion of Human Interferon αA in Yeast Kluyveromyces lactis
Chen Xinjie;Gao Buyu;Shi Wenge;Li Yuyang
 pp.284-288      Abstract   |   PDF 465KB
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