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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue2 ,      28 March 1992
Preliminary studiea of Dose---effect Relationship in Overdose lrradiation if Electron Beam with High Energy----Com. parative Observation of Several Indices of Nuclar Damage in Lymphoctye of Human Peripheral Blood
Xue Kaixian Wang Su
 pp.97-100      Abstract   |   PDF 318KB
Interphase Cytogenetic Studies of Human X Chromosome
Qiu Hongchen Cheng Zaiyu Gao Chunsheng Ye Lizhen Ma ShaowuZhu Junzhen Li HongyunLiu Fengxi Fu Xuewen
 pp.101-106      Abstract   |   PDF 976KB
Estimation of Genetic Parameters by Using Analysis of Variance within Unit*
Cao Shengyan Wei Mingxin
 pp.107-116      Abstract   |   PDF 548KB
Identification of Sex in Mouse Preimplantation Embryos byIndirect Immunof luorescent Assay*
Men Hongsheng Chen Yunhe Zhou Xingliang He Xiechao Shi Liming
 pp.117-121      Abstract   |   PDF 959KB
Studies of P-Amylase Isozyme in Mature Grains of Two-rowed Barleyand Its Hybrids
Lin Yakang Zhang Yufang Yu Zhilong
 pp.122-130      Abstract   |   PDF 2304KB
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms of Chloroplast DNAand the intergenic Spacer of rRNA Gene in CultivatedBarley of China*
Zhang Qifa Duan Guolu Yang Guanpin
 pp.131-139      Abstract   |   PDF 1900KB
Interspecific Somatic Hybrid of‘Rough Lemon and `Hamlin’Sweet Orange Via Protoplast Fusion
Deng Xiuxin Grosser;J. W. F. G. Gmitter
 pp.140-144      Abstract   |   PDF 2466KB
High Resolution Chromomere Map of Maize Pachytene Chromosomes
Shen Da leng Madeline Wu
 pp.145-149      Abstract   |   PDF 1691KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Intergeneric Hybrids Between Elymus and Triticum aestivum L.
Lu Baorong
 pp.150-155      Abstract   |   PDF 1048KB
Sequence and Primary Structure Analysis of Specific DNA Fragment Related Chloroplast Csenome to Pollen Fertility in Radish Chloroplast Genome
Zhang Lu Li Jigeng Kong Fanrui
 pp.156-161      Abstract   |   PDF 1922KB
Analysis of Genetic Models and Gene Effects on Main Agronomy Characters in Rapeseed
Li Jiana Qiu Jue Tang Zhanglin Shen Li
 pp.162-168      Abstract   |   PDF 469KB
Screening and Distinguishing Heavy chain Variable region Genes of McAb Against Encephalitis Type B Virus*
Huang Hualiang Gui Jin Song Haiyan Wang Yanli Shang Furong Lin Qing Chen Boquan Ye Qunrui Wu Meiying Liu Qinzhi Yang Zhixing
 pp.169-176      Abstract   |   PDF 1822KB
Expression and Distribution of Catechol 2,3一Dioxygenase in Esherichia coli
Xia Dongxiang Zeng Lun Zheng Zhaoxin Wang Meixian
 pp.177-185      Abstract   |   PDF 660KB
Effect of Ribosome Binding Site Sequenceo n the Expression Level of HBcAg in E.coli
Li Man Ma Xiankai
 pp.186-191      Abstract   |   PDF 469KB
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