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Table of Content
1992 Vol.19 Issue1 ,      28 January 1992
Design and Application of A Computer Program for Path Analysis on Qualitative Tr
Hu Ying;Zhang Sizhong
 pp.1-8      Abstract   |   PDF 487KB
DNA Repair Capacity Measurement and Possibility of Heterozygote Detection Using
Wu Defeng;Fu Ming;Wang Xiuqin;Wu Min;Qiang Kexin;Huo Zhenghao;Xu Fan
 pp.9-16      Abstract   |   PDF 1383KB
Preliminary Studies of the Relationship Between Micrnocleus Formation and Cell C
¢ô.Micronucleus Formation Induced by Chemical Mutagens at G0;G;S and G Phases
 pp.17-21      Abstract   |   PDF 393KB
Measurement of the Distance Among CK-4,Hox 3.1 and Hox 3.3 Genes on Mouse Chromo
Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.22-26      Abstract   |   PDF 1008KB
Tissue-specific Expression of the Chimeric Gene ¦ÄKpF in Transgenic Mice*
Hu Yiping;Qin Shizhen;Xu Yuefang;Liu Zoudong
 pp.27-33      Abstract   |   PDF 820KB
Formation of Chromatid Cores and Synaptonemal Complexes in Meiotic Chromosomes o f Angaracris rhodopa
Zhao Jian;He Mengyuan;Hao Shui
 pp.34-38      Abstract   |   PDF 1908KB
Cytogenetic Studies of Crossing Alloplasmic Wheats with Octopliod Trtitrigia
Wang Tebang;Han Fangpu;Li Jilin
 pp.39-46      Abstract   |   PDF 2605KB
The Study of the Relativity Between the Plasmid-likes in Mitochondria and Unstab le Fertility of CMS-S in Maize*
Lai Jingru;Zheng Yonglian;Liu Jilin
 pp.47-54      Abstract   |   PDF 2605KB
Location of ctDNA Fragment Related to CMS in Brassica napus L.var.Xiangai
Sun Wei;Gao Jie;Li Jigeng;Kong Fanri
 pp.55-60      Abstract   |   PDF 2830KB
Construction and Identification of Vectors Containing Maize Plasmid-like DNA S1 and Reporter Genes
Liu Zhihua;He Qingfang Xie Youji;Dai Jingrui;Mi Jingjiu
 pp.61-66      Abstract   |   PDF 2527KB
A Preliminary Study of the Callus Formation and Organogenesis and Their Ploidy o f Immature Endosperm from Maize
Li Wenxiang;Zhu Qinglin
 pp.67-70      Abstract   |   PDF 1905KB
Chromosomal Location of Genes for Erect Flag Leaves of Common Wheat Variety Xiao yan No.6
Li Wanlong;Li Zhensheng;Mu Sumei
 pp.71-75      Abstract   |   PDF 562KB
Genetic Recombination and Fib Genes Transfer of the Plasmid of E.herbicola CSH 1 065
Zhao Yang;P.Tenning
 pp.76-85      Abstract   |   PDF 4256KB
Multi-origin Usage for Chromosome Replication of Suppressive Integration Strain of dnaA46 Mutant of Escherichia Coli Integrated with R6K*
Lu Jianwei;Mao Yumin;Sheng Zujia
 pp.86-92      Abstract   |   PDF 530KB
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