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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue6 ,      28 November 1991
Distribution of Phenotypes of ACP in Ten Ethnic Groups in Yunnan of China
Zou Langping;Shen Bin;Cao Zhimin;Zhang Huaiyi
 pp.481-484      Abstract   |   PDF 236KB
Preliminary Studies of the Relationship Between Micronucleus Formation and Cell Cycle
Xue Kaixian;Wang Yaping;Ma Guojian;Shen Zongli
 pp.485-489      Abstract   |   PDF 423KB
Mouse Type Ⅱ Cytokeratin Genes CK-4 and CK-8 Mapped on Chromosome 15
Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.490-494      Abstract   |   PDF 490KB
Cytogenetic Studies on two Leptolalax Pelobatoids (Pelobatidae,Anura)from China
Li Shushen;Fei Liang;Ye Changyuan
 pp.495-499      Abstract   |   PDF 930KB
Studies of Screening Resistant to Mutant Helminthos porium sativum by Cell Engin eering in Wheat*
Guo Lijuan;Yao Qingxiao;Hu Qide;Kang Shaolan;Dong Jingao;Zhang Ding;Huang Wufang
 pp.500-507      Abstract   |   PDF 1329KB
The Hybridization Between Triticum aestivum and Psathyrostachys huashanica
Chen Shuyang;Zhang Anjing;Fu Jie
 pp.508-512      Abstract   |   PDF 875KB
The Application of the Method of Weighted Least Squares on the Basis of Lot Mean s of Generations to Analyse the Quantitative Character of Maize
Ming Daoxu
 pp.513-519      Abstract   |   PDF 316KB
Studies on Cross-sterility Between 2X and 4X in Lycopersicun esculentum mill
Shen Shuxing;Zou Daoqian
 pp.520-524      Abstract   |   PDF 1348KB
An Improved C-banding Technique for Haynaldia villosa Chromosomes*
Dong Fenggao;Chen Peidu;Liu Dajum
 pp.525-528      Abstract   |   PDF 931KB
Transfer of Restoring Gene in Aegilops umbellulata to Wheat
Zhao Yinhuai;Ma Zhengqiang;Liu Dajun
 pp.529-536      Abstract   |   PDF 1199KB
Influence of Population Fusion on Genotypic Variance
Wang Shenli
 pp.537-544      Abstract   |   PDF 1006KB
Exploration of the Application of Harmonic Analysis in the Study of Genetics
Li Xiaofang
 pp.545-551      Abstract   |   PDF 552KB
Through Homologous Recombination Pathway recA Gene Takes Part in Chromosome Repl ication of E.coli Initiated by Integrated Plasmid
Mao Yumin;Cheng Haiping;Huang Lin;Sheng Zujia
 pp.552-558      Abstract   |   PDF 1297KB
Synthesis and Molecular Cloning of the cDNA of TuMV-TNA
He Qingfang;Mi Jingjiu
 pp.559-563      Abstract   |   PDF 558KB
Cloning and Sequencing of Spinach Chloroplast DNA fragments with Pxomoter Activi ties in E.coli
Li Wei;Zhu Liguang;Hu Naibi
 pp.564-569      Abstract   |   PDF 414KB
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