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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue5 ,      28 September 1991
The Study of Dermatoglyphic Parameters on 1000 Tibetans
Wang Xianing;Qi Mei;Qiong Da;Gao Hong;Guo Wenmin;Zhan Wenhui;Zhang Hai guo;Shen Ruochai;Chen Renbiao
 pp.385-393      Abstract   |   PDF 625KB
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms in FⅧ:C Gene and Their Application in the Linkage Analysis of Hemophilia A
He Xiaoping;Du Chuansu;Zeng Reiping;An Yehao;Liu Lili
 pp.394-400      Abstract   |   PDF 577KB
Comparative Studies of Cytokinesis-block and Conventional Micronucleus Test in H uman Lymphocytes Cultured in VitroⅡ.Genotoxicological Effects of Mitomycin C
Xue Kaixina;Shen Zongli;Ma Guojian
 pp.401-406      Abstract   |   PDF 1087KB
Electron Microscopic Observation of Synaptonemal Complexes in Spermatocyte of Si x Species of Fishes*
Liu Yajuan;Yu Qixing
 pp.407-414      Abstract   |   PDF 4440KB
Studies of the Blood-group of ChickenX.Analysis of Blood-group and Plasma Protein Polymorphism in Eleven Chinese Nati ve Fowl Breeds
Cheng Guangchao;Zhou Dewang;Wu Licheng;Duan Zhangxiong;Wang Li;Zhang Ting;Liu K unfan;Zheng Xiaohui
 pp.415-423      Abstract   |   PDF 701KB
Y Chromosome Heterochromatin and Human Morphophysiological Variability
 pp.424-430      Abstract   |   PDF 579KB
Two Dimensional Electrophoresis of Proteins Associated with Powdery Mildew Infec tion in Barley Isogenic Lines*
Liao Yucai;Zhang Qifa;Zheng Yonglian
 pp.431-436      Abstract   |   PDF 1322KB
The Method of Weighted Least Squares for Estimating Genetic Parameters on the Ba sis of Lot Means of Generations
Ming Daoxu
 pp.437-445      Abstract   |   PDF 365KB
Female Sterile Mutant from Somaclones in Somatic Cell Culture of Indica Rice*
Ling Dinghou;Ma Zhenrong;Chen Meifang;Chen Wanying
 pp.446-451      Abstract   |   PDF 1220KB
A Preliminary Study on Using the Pollen Homogenate to Induce the Genetic Charact ers in Peanut
Li Jun;Yang Yu;Li Ruixian;Shi Chunyu;Meng Qingxiang
 pp.452-456      Abstract   |   PDF 959KB
Inheritance of Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight in Yunnan Dali
Lui Lijun;Zhang Duanpin;Xie Yuefeng
 pp.457-460      Abstract   |   PDF 244KB
Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration in Upland Cotton
Zhang Xianlong;Sun Jizhong;Liu Jinlan
 pp.461-467      Abstract   |   PDF 1490KB
Heat Shock Response of Mitochondria and Nucleus in MS Sorghum and Relation to Ma le Sterility
Zhang Kongtian;Li Jingjing
 pp.468-474      Abstract   |   PDF 888KB
Studies on mtDNA of Ustilago maydisⅡ.Restriction Mapping
Feng Guohong;Cheng Wen;Lu Shiyi
 pp.475-480      Abstract   |   PDF 612KB
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