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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue4 ,      28 July 1991
Analysis of Sister-chromatid Exchange Rate from Peripheral Lymphocyte of People Exposed to Environmental Cadmium
Tang Xueming;Chen Xiaoqing;Zhang Jixiu;Qin Wenqing
 pp.289-291      Abstract   |   PDF 1266KB
Studies of the Expression of Human Interleukin-2 Receptor cDNA in Mammalian Cells
Zou Quanming;Cai Wucheng;Shen Weihua;Zhu Xihua;Li Changben;Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.292-299      Abstract   |   PDF 1283KB
Bayesian and RFLP Linkage Analysis on a DMD Family
Gao Yizhi;Li Mingfa;Zhang Zhiping;Zhang Qin;Zhang Lishan;Wang Shijun
 pp.300-303      Abstract   |   PDF 341KB
Polymorphisms of Silver-stained NORs in Rice-field Eels(Monopterus albus Zuiew)
Ren Xiuhai;Yu Qixing;Wei Ping
 pp.304-311      Abstract   |   PDF 1930KB
A Study of Aneuploid Induction by Three Mitotic Arrestants in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells
Wang XU;B.Miller;U;Kliesch;I.D.Adler
 pp.312-319      Abstract   |   PDF 1193KB
Screening and Isulation the Cerebellar Specific Expressed mRNA in Mouse:Subtract ive Hybridization by Phenol Emulsion Reassuciation Technique
 pp.320-331      Abstract   |   PDF 1497KB
Chromosome Variations of the Calli and Regenerated Plants in Common Wheat
Li Shisheng;Zhang Yuling
 pp.332-338      Abstract   |   PDF 1309KB
Genome Analysis of Octoploid Tritielytrigia Types
Zhong Guanchang Zhang Xueyong Zhang Rongqi Chen Chunhuan
 pp.339-343      Abstract   |   PDF 1147KB
Variation of Chromosomes of Agropyron intermedium in Wheat-wheatgrass Alien Addi tion Lines
Zhang Xiangqi;Chen Dawei Bu;Xiuling;He Mengyuan;Hao Shui
 pp.344-351      Abstract   |   PDF 2579KB
Studies on the Interceneric Fusion of Protoplasts from Pleurotus sapidus and Len tinus epodes
Liu Zhenyue;Dong Yukun;Tai Lifang;Pang Guxin;ZHao Shimin;Xu Jinxian
 pp.352-357      Abstract   |   PDF 2096KB
Influence of some Factors on Induction Frequency and Effect of Genotype in Anthe r Culture of Oryza Sativa Subsp.Indica
Chen Ying;Tian Wenzhong;Zheng Shiwen;Li Liangcai
 pp.358-365      Abstract   |   PDF 707KB
Crossability Genes of Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum),Cheyenne,with Rey (Secale cereale) and Their Chromosomal Location
Fan Lu Han Jinghua Pan Shuting Deng Jingyang
 pp.366-369      Abstract   |   PDF 585KB
Subcloning and Sequencing of the Streptomyces griseus DNA Fragment With Promoter Activity in E.coli
Chen Yang;Xue Yugu;Dong Kening;Liu Meihua
 pp.370-377      Abstract   |   PDF 1399KB
Studies of mtDNA of Ustilago maydisⅠ.Cloning and Gene Mapping
Feng Huohong;Cheng Wen;Lu Shiyi
 pp.378-384      Abstract   |   PDF 1373KB
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