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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue3 ,      28 May 1991
Investigation of C4 Haplotypes in Han Nationality of Hubei Province in China*
Wang Ce;Yao Zhu;Zhang Wenjie;Nie Xiaobo;Zhao Xiuzhu
 pp.193-199      Abstract   |   PDF 1848KB
The Application of α-globin-3′HVR Probe for DNA Fingerprinting in Forensic Sci ence
Li Boling;Ni Jintang;Ye Jian;Ding Yan;Chu Xiaolan
 pp.200-207      Abstract   |   PDF 1319KB
Expression of Human Lymphotoxin Gene in CHO-DHFR- Cells
Liu Juntao;Li Changben;Ni Yiehua;Zhou Yiming;Zhao Shouyuan
 pp.208-213      Abstract   |   PDF 502KB
Isozymes and Their Relationship with Neoteny in Neosalanx oligodontis Chen*
Lin Xinwei;Xiong Quanmo
 pp.214-218      Abstract   |   PDF 2148KB
Study on the Estimation Methods of Genetic Parameters with Mixed Family
Chen Yaosheng
 pp.219-227      Abstract   |   PDF 2574KB
Translocations of Chromosomes in Octoploid Triticale×Common Wheat Hybrids
Ren Zhenglong;T.Lelley G.Rbbelen
 pp.228-234      Abstract   |   PDF 2522KB
Variation of Heterochromatin on the Chromosomes of the Maize Pollen Haploid Plants*
Gu Mingguang;Lin Xia
 pp.235-238      Abstract   |   PDF 3661KB
Plant Regeneration from Protoplast Culture of Astragalus huangheensis
Luo Ximing;Zhao Guelan;Xie Xueju;Liu Yianzhi;He Mengyan;Hao Shui
 pp.239-243      Abstract   |   PDF 968KB
Sonatic Cell and Anther Culture of Photosensitive Male Sterile Rice and the Expr ession of Soma/gameto-clones*
Ling Dinghou;Chen Meifang;Ma Zhenrong;Liang Chenye;Chen Baoyuan
 pp.244-251      Abstract   |   PDF 1459KB
The Polymorphism of Hordein Polypeptides of Barley in China*
Zhan Xiaoyan;Yu Zhilong;Huang Peizhong
 pp.252-262      Abstract   |   PDF 1032KB
Combining Ability Analysis for Protein Content in Barley Crain
Huang Zhiren;Zhou Meixue;Huang Yousheng
 pp.263-270      Abstract   |   PDF 567KB
The Relationship Between Genetic Distance and Yield Heterosis/Hybrid Yield in Maize
Huang Qingyang;Gao Zhiren;Rong Tingzhao
 pp.271-276      Abstract   |   PDF 531KB
A Study of ADH Reaction Characteristics in Photoperiod Sensitive Genic Male-ster ile Rice
Mei Qiming Zhn Yingguo
 pp.277-281      Abstract   |   PDF 510KB
Expression of Somatostatin Gene in E.coli D29A1
Zeng Yixiang;Du Nianxing;Tan Jinyan
 pp.282-288      Abstract   |   PDF 734KB
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