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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue2 ,      28 March 1991
Study on Immunoglobulin Allotypes in the Chinese:A Hypothesis of the Origion of the Chinese Nation*
Zgao Tongmao;Zhang Gongliang;Zhu Yongming;Zheng Suqin;Gu Wenjuan;Chen Qi;Zhang Xia;Liu Dingyuan
 pp.97-108      Abstract   |   PDF 1213KB
Cytogenetic Adaptive Response Induced by Low Dose Radiation
Cai Lu;Liu Shuzheng
 pp.109-114      Abstract   |   PDF 495KB
An Electron Microscopic Study on the RNA Component of Synaptonemal Complexes in Spermatocytes of Mus musculus
Xing Miao;Jing Dezhang;Hao Shui
 pp.115-119      Abstract   |   PDF 3362KB
High Resolution Chromosome G-banding Pattern of Domestic Pig of China*
Chen Wenyuan;Wang Zishu;Wang Xizhong
 pp.120-126      Abstract   |   PDF 1291KB
Complete Degradation of Old Macronuclear Genome During Conjugation of Tetrahymena
Pan Weijun;Tao Ying;Fan Qichang
 pp.127-131      Abstract   |   PDF 682KB
Types of Male Sterile Mutants in Somaclones from Somatic Cell Culture of Indica Rice
Ling Dinghou;Ma Zhenrong;Chen Meifang;Liang Chengye;He Bingsen
 pp.132-139      Abstract   |   PDF 1372KB
Interspecific Incompatibility in Crosses Between the Cultivated and the Wild Spe cies in Gossypium
He Jianxing;Liang Zhenglan Sun Chuanwei;Jiang Ruqin;Zhong Wennan
 pp.140-148      Abstract   |   PDF 2583KB
Construction of Cosmid Library and Detailed Physical Map of Rice Chloroplast*
Zhao Yan;Weng Xinghua;Zou Qin;Shen Guifang;Tang Su;Chai Jianhua;Wang Xunming
 pp.149-160      Abstract   |   PDF 1182KB
Transmission of the Wheat and Rye Chromosomes in Octoploid Triticale × Common W heat Populations
Een Zhenglong;T.Lelley;and G.Robbelen
 pp.161-167      Abstract   |   PDF 1210KB
Studies of in vitro Culture and Plantlet Regeneration of Codonopsis pilosula Nan nf
Niu Deshui;Shao Qiquan;Zhang Jing
 pp.168-174      Abstract   |   PDF 929KB
The Effects of Upstream Region of SUC2 Gene on Its Expression
Xie Kewei;Feng Bo;Li Yuyang
 pp.175-184      Abstract   |   PDF 1496KB
Molecular Cloning of α-amylase Gene from Bacillus megaterium and Its Expression in Bacillus subtilis
Lü Xianyang;Jiang Ruzhang;Wang Guifen
 pp.185-192      Abstract   |   PDF 886KB
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