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Table of Content
1991 Vol.18 Issue1 ,      28 January 1991
A Screening Survey of Variant Glycophorins on the Erythrocyte Membranes Among He althy Chinese Young People*
Wang Lifei;Lu Yiqing;Fu Minzhuang
 pp.1-5      Abstract   |   PDF 983KB
The RFLP of LDR152/Psti in the Chinese and Its Application to Linkage Analysis i n A Myotonic Dystrophy Family*
Tan Jun;Qiu Xinfang;Xue Jinglun;Liu Zudong;Li Yanshen;Zai Chunhe
 pp.6-11      Abstract   |   PDF 508KB
Comparative Studies on Cytokinesis-block and Conventional Micronucleus Test in H uman Lymphocyte Cultured in vitroⅠ.Effects of Medium and Low Doses of γ-rays
Xue Kaixian;Shen Zongli
 pp.12-16      Abstract   |   PDF 409KB
Genome Structure of Fishes*Ⅰ.Restriction Endonuclease Banding in Fish Chromosomes
Ren Xiuhai;Yu Qixing
 pp.17-22      Abstract   |   PDF 1615KB
New Method for the Analysis of Two-way Network Crosses
Pan Yuchun
 pp.23-32      Abstract   |   PDF 1053KB
Selection of Asparagus Variant Resistant to S-(2-aminoethyl)-L-cysteine (AEC)
Win Yanhai;Wang Jingju
 pp.33-38      Abstract   |   PDF 455KB
Analysis of the Genomic Constitution of Xizang Wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp.tibe tanum Shao) Using Double Ditelosomics of T.aestivum cv.Chinese Spring*
Chen Peidu;Huang Li;Liu Dajun
 pp.39-43      Abstract   |   PDF 4733KB
Electrophoretic Comparative Study on Polypeptides of Mitochondria from Cytoplasm ic Male Sterile Lines and Their Maintainers in Wheat
Si Zhihai;Liu Zhiyi
 pp.44-50      Abstract   |   PDF 2269KB
A Study of the Inheritance and Linkage of Resistance to Four Strains of Soybean Mosaic Virus in Soybeans*
Xiang Yuandao;Gai Junyi;Ma Yuhua
 pp.51-58      Abstract   |   PDF 1610KB
Studies on the Hubei Photoperiodic Sensitive Nuclear Male Sterile Rice (Oryza sa tivea L.subsp.Japonica) ——Modification of Minor Genes on the Phenotypic Values of Progenies of Photoperiodic Sensitive Male Sterile Rice
Xue Gangxing;Deng Jingyang
 pp.59-66      Abstract   |   PDF 1436KB
Studies on Cytogenetics of Euploid Hybrids Derived from [(Chinese Spring × Hor deum bulbosum)×Chinese Spring 5B Monosomic]
Hu Shiquan;Rong Junkang;Wang Liquan
 pp.67-72      Abstract   |   PDF 2947KB
recA Gene Dependence of Chromosome Replication of Escherichia coli Initiated by mini-F Plasmids Integrated at Predetermined Sites1)
Mao Yumin;Sheng Zujia
 pp.73-81      Abstract   |   PDF 577KB
Cloning and Expression of Streptomyces lividans Promoters
Huan Liandong;Dong Kening;Zhuang Zenghui;Xue Yugu
 pp.82-89      Abstract   |   PDF 646KB
Inhibitory Effects of Chinese Medicines on SOS Responses in E.coli and Their Mec hanism*
Wang Linghua);Jiang Zuoshu;Chen Zhongfu
 pp.90-96      Abstract   |   PDF 516KB
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