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Table of Content
1990 Vol.17 Issue6 ,      28 November 1990
DNA Polymorphisms and Haplotypes in the apoAⅠ-CⅢ Gene Region and Coronary Hear t Disease*
Meng Xiangwen;Zhang Guiyin;Li Pu;Du Yangzhu
 pp.411-417      Abstract   |   PDF 1680KB
The High Resolution G Band of Human Chromosomes at 1200 Band Stage
Zhang Hongen;Xia Jiahui;Li Luyun;Dai Heping;Lu Huilin
 pp.418-421      Abstract   |   PDF 1540KB
Study on Protein Polymorphism of Chinese KM Subcolonies*
Shi Shundi;Wang Hanrong;Cui Bingchun;Wang Dan;Zhao Hongxu;Li Qiaofan
 pp.422-429      Abstract   |   PDF 540KB
A Cytological Study of Chromosomal Structure Changes in a Common Wheat Variety,X iaoyan No.6
Li Wanlong;Li Zhensheng;Mu Sumei
 pp.430-437      Abstract   |   PDF 2166KB
Characters of the Regenerated Plants and Their Progenies (R2) From Rice Protopla sts
She Jianming;Zhou Hanyang;Lu Weizhong;Wu Heming;Li Xianghui;Sun Yongru
 pp.438-442      Abstract   |   PDF 355KB
Study of Heat Shock Response of Male Sterile Sorghum Induced by Metal Ion*
Zhang Kongtian;Zhao Linai
 pp.443-448      Abstract   |   PDF 889KB
Changes of Contents and Synthetic Activities of DNA,RNA and Protein During Devel opment of Maize Pollen Embryos
Lu Tiegang;Wang Yishen;Zheng Guochang
 pp.449-454      Abstract   |   PDF 454KB
The Construction of Genomic Library of Wild Soybean
Cheng Yuzhong;Mi Jingjiu
 pp.455-460      Abstract   |   PDF 517KB
Genetic Analysis of Resistance to Scab of Regeneration Plants (R2) From Wheat Im mature Embryo Culture*
Yu Yujun;Liao Pingan;Pu Zhi;Yu Fengqun
 pp.461-468      Abstract   |   PDF 555KB
Isolation and Mapping of Arbitrary Single Copy DNA Fragment Located on Human Ch romosome 11p11-q11
Xu Yun;Xue Jinglun;Qiu Xinfang;Liu Zudong
 pp.469-475      Abstract   |   PDF 789KB
Dependence of recA Gene for the Replication of Chromosome of Escherichia coli In itiated by the Integrated mini-F Plasmid Carrying IS1 Sequence*
Mao Yumin;Sheng Zujia
 pp.476-483      Abstract   |   PDF 562KB
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