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Table of Content
1990 Vol.17 Issue5 ,      28 September 1990
Study on the Variable Activity of Nucleolar Organizer Regions in Lymphocytes fro m Patients with Carcinoma
Wu Xiao;Zhou Huangeng;Kang Xuezhen
 pp.335-338      Abstract   |   PDF 300KB
LocaIization of RFLP Probe Fr.3-42 at 16p 13 Band by in situ Hybridization
Xiao Guanghui
 pp.339-343      Abstract   |   PDF 366KB
Rate of Gγ and Aγ Chains in Dong Ethnic Newborns and Gene Mapping of A Case with Hight Gγ Value
Liu Yongming;Nan Gouhua;Chen Songsen;Liang Zhiquan;Yang Shixiong;Wn M eilan
 pp.344-348      Abstract   |   PDF 1738KB
Synaptonemal Complex Analysis of W+P Normal and WZe Zebra Strains of Silkworm (B ombyx mori.)
Wang Yunxiang;Xu Jingfei;Shi Liming
 pp.349-353      Abstract   |   PDF 1738KB
Spatial Association of Nucleotide Substitutions Suring the Evolution of DNA Sequ ences
Yang Ziheng
 pp.354-359      Abstract   |   PDF 522KB
Expression of Constitutive Heterochromatin by Alul Restriction Endonuclease Trea tment and CA3/DA/DAPI Staining of Domestic Pig Chromosome
Zhao Yali;Wang Xizhong;Wang Zishu;Chen Wengyuan
 pp.360-364      Abstract   |   PDF 1774KB
Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Wheat Callus Cells
Li Shisheng;Zhang Yuling
 pp.365-368      Abstract   |   PDF 446KB
Studies on Development of Synaptonemal Complex in Wheat
Mo Bing;Shi Liming
 pp.369-372      Abstract   |   PDF 1958KB
Morphology and Cytogenetics of Intergeneric Hybrid between Roegneria kamoji and Hordeum vulgare
Jiang Jiming;Liu Dajun
 pp.373-376      Abstract   |   PDF 1887KB
Location of the PSⅡP680 ChaAP Gene in the Chloroplast Genome of Rice
Zhu Jiahui;Li Jigeng;Kong Fanrui
 pp.377-382      Abstract   |   PDF 577KB
Effect of Linkage Disequilibrium on Generation Mean and Variance and Its Detecti on in Random Mating Population
Zhai Huqu
 pp.383-389      Abstract   |   PDF 503KB
Cloning and Expression of E.coli Glucose Isomerase Gene in Streptomyces lividans
Tan Huarong;He Song;Zhuang Zenghui;Xue Yugu;Zhang Qijiu
 pp.390-397      Abstract   |   PDF 503KB
Stability and Gene Expression of Foreign Plasmid in Bacillus subtilis BF7658
Geng Yunqi;Jiang Ruzhang;Li Jun
 pp.398-404      Abstract   |   PDF 490KB
Construction of Frankia Genomic Libraries and Isolation of Clones Homologous to Nodulation Genes from Rhizobium leguminosarum*
Cui Yuhai;Qin Min;Wang Yanling;Ding Jian;Ma Qingsheng
 pp.405-410      Abstract   |   PDF 549KB
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