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Table of Content
1990 Vol.17 Issue3 ,      28 May 1990
Generalized Genetic Parameters of Multiple Traits
Dai Junti;Geng Shu Larry Teuber
 pp.161-167      Abstract   |   PDF 392KB
Studies on Chromosome Ag-banding in Hordeum Vulgare
Zhang Zili;Yu Ling
 pp.168-172      Abstract   |   PDF 1610KB
Study on HSPs of Rice Seedlings
Zuo Jianru;Zhang Kongtian;Chen Jiannan;Fu Hongyi;Liu Genqi
 pp.173-179      Abstract   |   PDF 1019KB
Cell Selection of the Tovacco Mutant Resistant to Black Shank Disease
Zhou Jiaping;Zhou Jianmin;Liang Sixin;Huang He;Pang Long;Jiao Yingxian
 pp.180-188      Abstract   |   PDF 732KB
Studies on the Systematic Status of A New Species of Drosophila (sophophora) — From Morphological to Molecular Level
Chen Huazhong;Yan Chen;Liu Zudong
 pp.189-201      Abstract   |   PDF 911KB
Study on Antifreeze Protein in Fishes*Ⅱ.The Cloning of Antifreeze Protein Gene cDNA of Pseudopleuronectes Yokohamae and Its Expression in E.coli
Jiang Yaoqing;Chen Xiongfeng;Liu Pengtao;Zhang Naichang
 pp.202-210      Abstract   |   PDF 1014KB
A Study of the Karyotype,C-banding and Ag-NORs on Two Vibrissaphora Toad Species (Pelobatidae,Anura)*
Li Shushen;Fei Liang;Ye Changyuan
 pp.211-215      Abstract   |   PDF 1012KB
A Novel Type of Phase Variation Regarding Integrated and Free States of Plasmid pFDX163 in Bacillus stearothermophilus CU21
He Xiaosong;Shen Renquan;Sheng Zujia
 pp.216-225      Abstract   |   PDF 933KB
Preparation of Human Minisatellite DNA Probes
Guo Guangming;Qiu Xinfang;Hong Xiankang;Xu Haiguang;Qin Shizhen;Jiang Zuoshu;Xue Jinglun
 pp.226-229      Abstract   |   PDF 548KB
The Diagnosable Rate of β-Thalassemia in Chinese Population and the Strategy for Selecting Genetic Markers in Prenatal Diagnosis of the Disease
Cheng Guanchi;Jiu Li;Liu Zudong
 pp.230-237      Abstract   |   PDF 514KB
Assessment of the Mutagenic Effect of Maternal Factors on Human Chorionic Villi by Micronucleus Test
Cui Yingqi;Dong Zhaowen;Liu Sunbin;Zhang Shucheng;Wang Yi;Ji Xiaoying
 pp.238-242      Abstract   |   PDF 388KB
Studies on Polymorphism of C6 in Han Nationality of China
Zhang Zhi;Du Ruofu
 pp.243-248      Abstract   |   PDF 474KB
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